Brown Bomber Jacket Mens - Canada Summer Jackets Launch By Frank And Oak

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Montreal, July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Montreal, Quebec -

Frank And Oak, an apparel company based in Montreal, Canada, is happy to announce the launch of its Skyline reversible bomber jacket for men. More information about the jacket in brown and blue can be found here: The Skyline bomber is a sustainable jacket as it is made from recycled polyester sourced from discarded materials. Specifically, this includes a recycled PET bottle blend and animal-free Thermore® Ecodown® insulation. This jacket is 57% recycled polyester and 43% polyester.

The reversible nature of the jacket means that it can be worn inside-out as well. One side of this jacket features a quilted texture with diamond shapes, while the other is smooth and has two lower seam pockets on each side. The jacket is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The lining of the jacket is also aligned with the brand’s sustainability focus and uses recycled fibres. Furthermore, the label is made from recycled polyester and the NATULON® zipper tapes are manufactured from recycled materials (including PET, PBT, and POM) by applying a chemical process that makes further recycling easier.

Brown Bomber Jacket Mens

The Skyline reversible bomber jacket for men also has a cire finish to provide more fabric protection and contains a ribbed collar and cuffs. It is completely machine washable, which saves the wearer from having to go to the dry-cleaners. The water-resistant and dense fabric is capable of repelling water penetration. It is also wind-resistant to protect the user from the wind. The jacket has also benefited from years of research on how to optimize layering to help it withstand harsh weather conditions. It is compatible with Frank And Oak’s other Smart-Layer top coats with their popular snap system.

As previously announced, since its launch in 2012 in Montreal, Frank And Oak has always focused on being an apparel brand that sends a one of a kind message to both creatives and entrepreneurs. The brand’s first clothing store at the Mile End in Montreal quickly became popular, and the company was able to develop a reputation for being one of the premier lifestyle brands and online retailers in Canada. The company is certified as a B Corp, which means it is a leader in the sustainable fashion market with its use of innovative fabrics made from natural materials to come up with thoughtfully designed fashion wear that can help people feel good in everything they wear, live better, and enjoy more. Currently, 75% of Frank And Oak’s apparel is made from sustainably processed and eco-friendly materials.

In 2019, the company set a number of environmentally friendly goals that it expected to accomplish by 2022. First, it wanted to totally eliminate virgin plastics from its supply chain. Second, it wanted to fully offset its greenhouse gas emissions. Third was the aim to increase its use of renewable energies, while fourth was a desire to establish a community spirit with a zero-waste philosophy. The pandemic had delayed some of these plans, but Frank And Oak has recently made a report about its accomplishments. For instance, 78% of its products are now produced using organic, certified low-impact, cruelty-free, biodegradable or recycled fibres.

Those interested in learning more about the environmentally friendly products from Frank And Oak can check out the brand website, or contact the company via telephone or email. A dark blue version of the Skyline reversible bomber jacket for men is also available and more info about this is available at


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