New to The Street TV / Newsmax TV announces its Eight Interviews for This Week's TV Broadcast, Episode #363, Sunday, July 10, 2022, 10-11 AM ET

NEW YORK, July 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FMW Media's New to The Street / Newsmax TV announces the broadcasting lineup of its national syndicated 1-hour TV show this Sunday, July 10, 2022, airing time 10-11 AM ET.

New to The Street's 363rd TV episode lineup features eight interviews of the following Companies and their businesses representatives:

1). Branding Agency – Unstoppable Branding Agency's (UBA) interview with Rhonda Swan, CEO/Founder.

2). Cryptocurrency – Epic Cash's (CRYPTO: EPIC) ($EPIC) interview with Mike Mumola, Impact Ambassador.

3). Verde Bio Holdings, Inc.'s (OTCQB: VBHI) interview with Scott Cox, CEO.

4). Sekur Private Data, Ltd.'s (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) interview with Alain Ghiai, CEO.

5). Cryptocurrency – DLTx’s interview with James Haft, Chairman.

6). Cryptocurrency – Paypolitan's (CRYPTO: EPAN) ($EPAN) interview with Nils Tharandt Ortiz, CEO/Co-founder.

7). Private Securities - Linqto's interview with Susan Miller, Chief Growth Officer (CGO), and Lisa Carmen Wang, Founder, "Bad Bitch Empire."

8). “Weekly Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security Segment” interview with internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO, Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) (Sekur®).

The New to The Street TV show welcomes Rhonda Swan, CEO/Founder at Unstoppable Branding Agency (UBA), who sits down for her interview with TV host Jane King at the Nasdaq Marketplace studio. Rhonda is the podcast host of "The Rhonda Swan Show (formerly – "The Help Me Rhonda Show") an author, an international keynote speaker, and an online brand strategist. Passionately, Rhonda explains her vision and mission in helping other women to share their success stories, efforts, and tribulations. Women coming together create a platform for support, providing women entrepreneurs an avenue for growth and success. Overcoming stereotypical views and attitudes, women can succeed with financial literacy tools, consultants, and mentors, which creates obtainable successes. Rhonda explains "SheTrade," a United Nations Initiative which empowers over 3 million women worldwide who come together for commerce and investment activities. Her recent book, "Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide To Fearless Living," gives unique individual stories about women and their accomplishments. As the host of "Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs," a new segment airing on New to The Street TV, Rhonda will interview guests in her book about triumphant women and their businesses. The book is a top seller on Amazon, and upcoming show airings "To be Announced." The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Unstoppable Branding Agency (UBA) -

Mike Mumola, Impact Ambassador at Epic Cash (CRYPTO: EPIC) ($EPIC), is back on-set at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) studios providing a business update to TV Host Jane King. As a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) electronic payment system, Epic Cash's mission is to provide a decentralized digital currency payment platform that anyone can use worldwide. Mike explains that depending on where you are living can best determine your economic conditions and future outcomes. Limited economic freedoms and monetary censorship worldwide hamper one's ability to engage in commerce. Epic Cash is a fully private decentralized platform with NO transactional data sharing. Knowingly, legacy financial banking platforms worldwide share data used to censor individuals' economic abilities. Without purchasing expensive computer mining hardware, the Epic ecosystem operates on gaming, laptop, set-tops, and mobile phones. 1.8B people worldwide, known as the unbankable, have no access to a legacy financial institution. Epic Cash allows these unbankables to mine cryptocurrency and engage in transactions. Epic is growing with users in over 120 countries and 2000 cities and increases in retail acceptances. Within the $EPIC ecosystem, anyone can create secure, scalable, globally accessible financial services in minutes; download the wallet to get started. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Epic Cash

This week, New to The Street TV interviews at the Nasdaq Marketplace studio, Scott Cox, Chief Executive Officer at Verde Bio Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: VBHI). Talking with TV Host Jane King, Scott explains the business of acquiring and managing mineral assets. Currently, Verde Bio Holdings, Inc. is an oil and gas holdings and royalty interests’ entity with asset holdings throughout the most significant oil/gas basins in the United States. The Company does not operate as a driller/operator; they focus on the business of acquiring assets and then engaging with the drillers/operators to bring on production. Drillers pay according to the agreement's terms, including royalties based on outcomes. Scott calls it mailbox revenue; they have no significant debts associated with drilling rigs, and other capital outlays, typically found within the oil/gas sector. As the price of oil/gas rises and production on holdings continues, the checks get larger. Scott tells viewers they have 18 wells drilled and 15 more coming online. The value proposition for current and future shareholders is bright as the Company continues to acquire more assets and then bring those assets online. Scott is excited to be on New to The Street TV as a platform to share, inform, and educate viewers about Verde Bio Holdings, Inc., and its business model. Scott states that the New to The Street's broadcast at the NYSE and Nasdaq provides a great way for them to expand the awareness of their exciting growth opportunity to a wide audience of potential investors. With VBHI’s compelling value proposition in a strong oil and gas sector, now is an opportune time to share the story with a new set of investors looking for undiscovered opportunities with good long-term prospects. The Company has made great strides over the last couple of years, funding and building on VBHI’s portfolio of high-quality assets with some of the world’s most recognized operators. VBHI’s management remain clearly focused on continued growth and profitability with a strong eye on return on invested capital to deliver meaningful returns to their long-term shareholders. The Company currently trades on OTCQB and would like to proceed with an up-listing of its shares on to a national stock exchange in the future. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Verde Bio Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: VBHI) -

Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO, Sekur Private Data, Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0), joins New to The Street TV's Host Jane King for his in-studio New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) interview. Microsoft recently warned about the increased cyberattacks by Russia on any ally assisting Ukraine. Alain adds commentary about that issue, telling viewers that he read elsewhere that China most likely has every US citizen's social security number and other private data. The interconnectivity of the worldwide financial system is very vulnerable to a cyberattack. The enemy's goal is to create destabilization. The hack attempts on banking, stock markets, military commands, utility infrastructures, food production, and other industry sectors continue, and all should expect to see increased cyber warfare activities. The main sponsors are China, Russia, and Iran, which aim to create worldwide chaos and destruction. Alain explains that with US elections forthcoming, domestic internal and international external hack attempts are increasing. He strongly suggests not to believe any political postings and to not click a link on these social media sites which are designed to steal your data. offers subscribers a suite of products designed to eliminate hacks. For reasonable monthly fees, a person can subscribe to the SekurMessenger product, an encrypted platform that protects both sender and receiver. The free-open platforms, like Signal, WhatsApp, and others typically used by many, require a phone number to register and use, and that phone number is the primary source for data breaches. Sekur products never ask for a phone number, never shares your phone's address book, never sells data, and operates on a military-grade encrypted close loop system. Alain again reminds everyone to limit their social media footprint, which is the hacker's trail to a potential hack. As an added protection to subscribers, Sekur Private Data, Ltd operates its internet platforms and security businesses under the country of Switzerland's very tough privacy laws. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Sekur Private Data, Ltd. –

New to The Street TV welcomes James Haft, Chairman at DLTx, who sits down with Host Jane King for his Nasdaq Marketplace in-studio interview. As an investor and expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, James explains the DLTx platform and its objectives. With geopolitical, educational, and economic downswings worldwide, legacy-type systems are no longer working adequately. Decentralized platforms, blockchain, distributed ledger technologies, and P2P payment systems with permissionless access are necessary in today's chaotic world. Blockchain offers truth without the trust or lack of trust associated with legacy systems. James sees the technology in its earliest stages but is more advanced in adoption rates than the internet back in the 1990s. Scalability is the key to growth and acceptance, which must overcome legal, linguistical, cultural, and other inherent global regulations and issues. The "Killer App" is a must for speedy scalability for blockchain platforms. Owning your data through a cryptographic gateway app that focuses on ownership is necessary for a "Killer App." James says that a "Killer App" make-up needs to be decentralized, strong connectivity, large storage, continuous routing, and permissionless to be a success. Such an App will change the abuses and limitations currently on in place on Social Media platforms. The  DLTx platform creates the infrastructure, networking, and blockchain integrations for fully functional decentralized W3 (Web 3.0) transactions. Using four main stacks, currency – Bitcoin, storage -Filecoin, information relay – Pocket Network, and decentralized wireless – Helium Network, DLTx has the platforms to expand operations as permissionless decentralized W3 growth continues. And the Company, with these stacks, positioned itself to be a significant entity in developing and rolling out a "Killer App." James, through his contacts in the blockchain industry, will bring other guests on New to The Street TV, who will share their visions, missions, and technological advancements in W3 with viewers.  The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit  DLTx  -

New to The Street TV airs the in-studio New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) interview with Mr. Nils Tharandt Ortiz, CEO and Co-founder of Paypolitan (CRYPTO: EPAN) ($EPAN), a next-generation cryptocurrency and fiat payment application. Talking with TV Host Jane King, Nils gives viewers a current update on the business ongoings at Paypolitan. Paypolitan is the first mobile payment gateway for transactions securing it as a smart contract with blockchain technology. Currently, the payment platform ecosystem has approximately 250,000 users. Most use the cryptocurrency Defi and staking platform but see users adopting its new P2P (Peer-to-Peer) credit app, which allows for crypto loans through a Smart Contract with other users on the platform. Seventeen recognized cryptocurrencies are available on the P2P loan platform. Nil talks about their recent "White Label" with a banking entity that enables Paypolitan to be the payment platform within the bank's metaverse platform. He describes how it works. Nil tells viewers that along with this interview, while in New York City, he will meet with individuals as he seeks a possible public listing for the Company. The recent crypto winter, he believes, ends soon, and rebounding, which has started, will continue to move crypto prices back upwardly. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Paypolitan -

This week, Anchor Jane King, New to The Street TV, talks with Susan Miller, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at Linqto, and Lisa Carmen Wang, Founder of "Bad Bitch Empire." Susan informs viewers about the lack of diversity among women in the equity markets. With a collaboration between Linqto and Lisa Carmen-Wang's "Bad Bitch Empire," they want a change. Men do 90% of the private equity investments, and Linqto and Bad Bitch Empire want to provide resources that can empower women to get involved in an investment strategy. Through educational and mentorship resources, the collaboration aims to increase women's financial literacy, reducing the fear of an investment placement. Women are intelligent and talented, and they should be investing just like men, and the goal to do so will enable more women to take steps to invest. Through a monthly segment over the next year, Susan and Lisa will host a streaming investor education platform, which provides educational resources to understand investments in cryptocurrency, private equity, and other stock investment strategies. The invitation is open to both women and men, and you learn more about how to participate at and the Linqto YouTube Channel. Linqto helps its client identify, evaluate, and invest in the world's leading Unicorns. Generational wealth occurs more often with private investments in high-tech entities before IPOs. Linqto is private investing made simple; sign-up now. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Linqto -

"Weekly Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security Segment" with internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO, Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) (Sekur®), talks with New to The Street TV Host / Multi-media Journalist Ana Berry. This week Alain talks about the ID theft protection companies, LifeLock (Norton) and Aura. Each of these companies claims the ability to stop identity theft and guarantees an insurance payout of up to $1M US if it does happen. Unfortunately, these products have several limitations; before being bought by Norton, even the President of LifeLock, had his information stolen after posting his Social Security Number on a city billboard. These ID protection companies make great revenue returns, and the insurance premiums paid to their carriers are small, so the monthly subscribers' profit margins are in the millions of dollars. Data reveals that the highest amount paid out on insurance claims based on ID protection breaches was only $2500. Sekur Private Data Ltd. is a leader in Swiss-hosted private and secure communications, and data management has products that can prevent hacking. Alain is working on a future product, called SekurIdentity (SekurID), that operates with the same military-grade HeliX system encryption technology used with other Sekur products. Hopefully, SekurID will be available sometime next yer, ant will be a complementary product to existing subscribers. Alain reminds everyone that open-source platforms that offer free email accounts, text message apps, and social media sites can be a source of concern. ALL these platforms sell data, data mine, ask for phone numbers and share your address books; Sekur does none of those practices and offers a product platform that protects both the sender/receiver. The SekurSend/SekurReply technology ensures private communications. Alain invites anyone to learn more about the Sekur features by watching the Company's tutorial videos. With low monthly subscription fees, Sekur offers its products to individuals and businesses. Now available, PROMO CODE: Sekur15 - 15% off on subscription fees. The Company's business and servers are in Switzerland, a country with stringent privacy laws. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Sekur Private Data, Ltd. – "What is your privacy worth?"

About Unstoppable Branding Agency (UBA):

Unstoppable Branding Agency (UBA) is a digital Public Relations and branding agency that combines digital PR, Google indexing, SEO, and top-tier publishing into one. The agency serves entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, CEOs, and start-ups that need online branding. As a powerful PR agency, UBA focuses on creating an online footprint that establishes and enhances a client's digital PR in Tier 1 & 2 Google Indexed publications. Every UBA team member is engulfed in the agency's digital PR principles and proven practices -

About Epic Cash (CRYPTO: EPIC) ($EPIC):

Epic Cash (CRYPTO: EPIC) ($EPIC) aims to become the "decentralized digital silver," a medium of exchange counterpart to Bitcoin's recognized position as decentralized digital gold. By reintroducing lost fungibility on an energy-efficient, ecologically friendly hardware backbone, Epic Cash tilts the balance of power back in favor of individual users, starkly contrasting with recent centralizing trends. The combination of Bitcoin economics, game theory, and proven proof-of-work formula with the best of contemporary blockchain technology results in a trustless, immutable, decentralized currency (Epic) that is scalable, fungible, and protects the privacy of its users. The Epic Cash blockchain is open, public, borderless, and censorship resistant. It preserves the privacy and wealth of its users and rewards those who deploy their hardware to support the network via mining. Every Epic is mined into existence via proof of work -

About Verde Bio Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: VBHI):

Verde Bio Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: VBHI) is an Energy Company based in Frisco, Texas, engaged in the acquisition and management of Mineral and Royalty interests in lower-risk, onshore oil and gas properties within the major oil and gas plays in the US. The Company's dual-focused growth strategy relies primarily on leveraging management's expertise to grow through the strategic acquisition of revenue-producing royalty interests and strategic and opportunistic non-operated working interests -

About Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0):

Sekur Private Data, Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) is a Cybersecurity and Internet privacy provider of Swiss-hosted solutions for secure communications and secure data management. The Company distributes encrypted emails, secure messengers, secure communication tools, secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery, and document management products. The Company sells and serves consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide through approved wholesalers, distributors, and telecommunications companies. Contact Sekur Private Data, Ltd. at or visit and

About DLTx

DLTx simplifies and de-risks investing in Web3 (W3).  Management at DLTX are decentralists who believe in the new economy that's powered by cryptographic digital assets.  The team has been at the forefront of developing and launching 10 of the most important protocols in the blockchain space including Ethereum, developed the first blockchain investment fund in 2014, built out massive scale mining infrastructure since 2015, and now operates the first publicly traded company focused on powering Web3. DLTx is a vertically integrated tech company -

About Paypolitan ($EPAN):

Paypolitan's (CRYPTO: EPAN) ($EPAN) platform will use blockchain technology, smart contracts, and open banking APIs to provide a next-gen payment solution that meets the needs of modern payment systems for businesses and customers. The platform can offer payment solutions and drive locked liquidity with white label services labeled with its partners' brands. Paypolitan targets companies with the supporting device or processing several monthly and/or recurrent payments -

About Linqto:

Linqto is enabling a new class of investors to access pre-IPO opportunities. Linqto makes the private securities asset class accessible while reducing costs and saving time with the flexibility of trading directly on its platform. Linqto is easy to use, and its expert team is always available to answer your questions. Private investing made simple -

About FMW Media: 

FMW Media operates one of the longest-running US and International sponsored and Syndicated Nielsen Rated programming TV brands, "New to The Street" and its blockchain show "Exploring The Block." Since 2009, these brands have run biographical interview segment shows across major U.S. Television networks. The paid-for-TV programming platforms can potentially reach over 540 million homes in the US and international markets. FMW's New to The Street / Newsmax TV broadcasting platform airs its syndication on Sundays at 10 -11 AM ET. FMW is also one of the nation's largest buyers of linear television, long and short-form paid programming - &

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