UpCity Releases Women In The Workplace U.S. Statistics for 2022 Survey Results

40% of women either chose to or were forced to make a career change at some point between the first quarter of 2020 and today

CHICAGO, July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UpCity has announced the publication of a comprehensive survey asking women across the United States about how the pandemic overall has affected their careers and workplace setup experiences.

The post, Women In The Workplace U.S. Statistics: 2022 Survey, presents the views of more than 600 women in the United States and explores findings in a wide range of categories, including career changes, working conditions, workplace benefits, duties, and upcoming career plans.

Statistical highlights include:

  • 40% of women either chose to or were forced to make a career change at some point between the first quarter of 2020 and today.
  • 55% of women noted that they still work fully in person in 2022.
  • 38% of women who work in a hybrid setting said that they’ve had an overall positive experience.
  • 41% of women in entry-level roles have recently changed jobs or plan to change jobs in the near future.
  • 66% of women haven’t recently taken any PTO due to mental health challenges.
  • 55% of women ages 55 and up disclosed that they don’t feel comfortable disclosing any mental health challenges at work.
  • 26% of our respondents stated that sexual harassment hasn’t improved in the workplace.

Heidi Sullivan, SVP of Product & Marketing at UpCity encourages businesses to understand that while improvements for women in the workplace have increased drastically over the years, women still feel improvements to the work experience can be made with attention to the delegation of tasks, pay scale, and advancement opportunities–and that flexibility can truly make a difference.

“I spent nearly 20 years of my career working in an office and traveling regularly. When I adopted my son, I started a consulting business from home. When I went back to a corporate position, my next role was based in New York and I worked from Chicago. I would spend approximately one week a month in New York. Then I joined UpCity and was in the office nearly full time until COVID. It’s been interesting to watch UpCity culture move from mostly-in-office to work-from-anywhere. Our employee satisfaction surveys tell us that engagement hasn’t suffered from the flexibility,” Sullivan said.

“The best part about a hybrid work environment is being able to serve the needs of both my career and my family. When my son’s after-school sitter isn’t available, I can be here to get him off the bus. When I need to whiteboard our marketing strategy for the next quarter, I can go into the office and brainstorm with the team,” she added.

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