minbay Announces Launch of minbay Pixel Artboard: EDC Pixel Artboard to Capture Artistic Inspiration Anywhere

LOS ANGELES, July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pixel Art innovators minbay just announced the launch of the most portable and versatile pixel artboard ever created. Made as a powerful tool to capture artistic inspiration whenever it strikes, minbay Pixel Artboard is a portable device that integrates pixel painting, storage, backup, and sharing for a variety of artistic endeavors. This palm-sized artboard lets users create art anytime and anywhere. minbay Pixel Artboard is available now: https://signup.minbay.com/pixelartboard

minbay Pixel Artboard is the ultimate go-anywhere pixel artboard. Perfect for designers, artists, and creatives, it allows users to sketch anytime, anywhere. Using a pixel art format, anyone can explore their creativity for paintings, cartoons, sketches, gaming design, or digital artwork such as NFTs.

"As an artist and designer myself, I understand the fleeting nature of inspiration. Artistic ideas can arrive at any time and often when away from a sketchpad or easel. The goal with minbay Pixel Artboard was to provide creatives with the ultimate go-anywhere solution for creating art. A portable artboard that can be used for art creation anywhere, with an intuitive interface, powerful features, and a simple elegant format. With no need for a pen, stylus, or paintbrush, minbay Pixel Artboard puts the power of creativity right at the fingertips. By using pixel painting as a format, creating art is quick and natural. With minbay Pixel Artboard, every idea, and inspiration can be captured, realized, and recorded." — minbay Product Designer Li Fenglei

minbay Pixel Artboard fits in the palm of the hand and is a powerful tool to create pixel art in an instant. Control is easy and intuitive, a single finger can draw (curves, lines, and circles) or fill in an area with 100 different color options and two fingers can zoom in and out for detailed modification, or press shortcut buttons to undo, erase or go back to a previous version. minbay Pixel Artboard records the entire painting process by saving up to 20,000 pictures and 3000 drawing steps each with 3 resolutions. One battery charge lasts up to 10 hours for convenience. The device also includes an APP - Pixel Ladder, to share artwork with your friends, family, and other art lovers through Instagram, Pinterest, and the minbay community. Users can communicate, learn and socialize so that every piece of uploaded artwork may become a ladder for others to learn and progress.

minbay Pixel Artboard: EDC Pixel Artboard gives designers, artists and hobbyists, a go-anywhere tool for unlimited artistic expression and a device that can record, store, and share their digital artwork at the touch of a button. It is a powerful artistic tool for modern lifestyles and is available now with deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here: https://signup.minbay.com/pixelartboard

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