Commerce Township Awards Lystek International with Design-Build Contract to Implement Class A Biosolids Resource Recovery Program

Commerce Township to implement an advanced biosolids treatment technology to divert more than 3,500 tons of biosolids annually from landfill with Class A LysteGro biosolids fertilizer program.

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CAMBRIDGE, Ontario and COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich., July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Charter Township of Commerce, Michigan has awarded Lystek International (Lystek) a Design-Build Contract to implement a sustainable Class A biosolids resource recovery program at the Commerce Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). This facility is operated by the Oakland County Water Resources Commission (WRC).

The Commerce WWTP currently treats approximately 2.5 million gallons per day (MGD) of municipal wastewater and has a permitted capacity of 8.5 MGD. The WWTP services the majority of Commerce Township as well as portions of White Lake Township, the Village of Wolverine Lake, West Bloomfield Township, and City of Novi. The WWTP’s biosolids management program currently relies on offsite disposal at a local landfill. The cost of landfill disposal has increased substantially over the last decade with an average annual increase of over 30% since the dewatering program was implemented. These cost increases led the Township to question the viability of this program.

Lystek’s award-winning Thermal Hydrolysis Technology, Lystek THP®, will replace the Township’s current reliance on unsustainable landfill disposal with the production of Class A LysteGro® biosolids fertilizer. This sustainable biosolids management program will provide the Township with long-term cost-certainty while reducing the program’s carbon footprint. Lystek THP is a patented process and the only proven technology available on the marketplace that will produce a high-solids liquid Class A biosolids fertilizer product from undigested feedstock.

The Lystek THP Module will be retrofitted into existing building space with minimal impact on surrounding infrastructure. Implementation of Lystek THP downstream of dewatering operations will build upon previous capital investments at the WWTP. These include existing belt filter presses, dewatering building, and liquid biosolids storage tanks. This technology presents an affordable solution that is energy efficient and requires no additional operators beyond the existing staff complement. This helps to minimize the capital and operational expenses associated with the project and enhance overall project savings which are projected to be in the tens of millions over the lifespan of the project.

In response to the Township’s desire to implement a more sustainable program the Township’s engineering firm, Giffels Webster, completed an evaluation of alternatives. Lystek was contracted by Giffels Webster in the summer of 2021 to complete the 30% design phase required for permit application to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). This design phase was completed in collaboration with the Oakland County WRC operations and engineering teams. EGLE awarded permits for the project April 2022 and construction activities are expected to begin summer 2022.

The Class A LysteGro biosolids program will enhance operations compared to the dilute liquid Class B biosolids program operated in the past. The Lystek technology will dramatically reduce biosolids volumes, extend the capacity of the existing liquid storage tanks, eliminate the need for mixing and clean out activities in storage, and reduce associated hauling frequency and land application costs. The concentrated nature of LysteGro liquid biosolids will improve in-field operations with less water applied per acre, enhanced nutrient profile with the addition of potassium, and compatibility with precision agriculture when compared to traditional low-solids liquid biosolids land application programs.

“The Lystek System will provide Commerce Township with an environmentally friendly option for managing the biosolids that currently take up landfill space. With this being a design-build project, the Township agreed to the final project costs after permits were obtained. The Lystek Team, WRC Team, and Giffels Webster worked together over the past year to finalize a design that will fully integrate the existing infrastructure. Lystek will also handle the biosolids management once the system is operational.” - Jason Mayer, Partner, Giffels Webster

“We look forward to working with Lystek and Giffels Webster in designing this project. This environmental project will help reduce landfill waste and the hazard of transporting this type of material. The Lystek System will ultimately help in reducing the cost of our WWTP for future generations, without raising wastewater rates.” – Larry Gray, Commerce Township Supervisor

About Lystek

Lystek International is North America's leading provider of Thermal Hydrolysis solutions for the sustainable management of biosolids and organics, servicing over 55 public and private customers. Lystek THP® converts dewatered biosolids and non-hazardous organic residuals into a high-solids liquid, multi-use product for full cycle resource recovery. These products and processes include the LysteMize® process for optimizing anaerobic digestion and biogas production; LysteCarb®, an alternative carbon source for BNR systems; and, LysteGro®, a nutrient-rich biosolids fertilizer. LysteGro is a high solids (13-16% total solids), Class A liquid biosolids fertilizer that is easily stored, transported, and applied using conventional liquid handling equipment and is regulated as a fertilizer product in Canada and the state of California. Lystek offers turnkey solutions including technology supply, design-build and installation services, regional processing solutions, and comprehensive LysteGro product management.

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