Honey Labs continues to build upon American manufacturing capabilities with a focus on custom branding options for retail partners

Starting straight out of the garage only a few years ago, Honey Labs is a young company that has been manufacturing wooden concentrate accessories using locally sourced lumber with keen attention to detail in the heart of America.

Masury, Ohio

Masury, OH, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The company has recently announced plans to expand on its product line to continue to enhance the rituals and lifestyles of their everyday users but to also help increase brand awareness for dispensaries and smoke shops looking to stand out in an everly saturated market with its in-house custom branding options.

Their long-term goals include branching into the flower side of the accessories market with raw takes on original designs to offer a one-stop-shop for custom branding options on unique and premium affordable accessories.

The company says its greatest strength is owning 100% of the assembly and manufacturing here in the United States giving them a tight grip on quality control and the ability to make quick turnarounds. This is something they believe will be pivotal in their ability to provide the industry with those custom branding opportunities.

American-made craftsmanship and innovation at an affordable price

Honey Labs is most known for their industry first, the HoneyDabber, an analog concentrate straw with a patented design that allows the user to put it away hot the company offers many different styles and designs including an all-in-one Travel Kit but the company currently also offers a few other products like the Mini Straw and the HoneyHose. 

The HoneyDabber which has only continued to be improved and refined over the years and currently sits as the HoneyDabber II is the tried and true straw that should be in every dabber’s toolbox. Its compact nature allows it to fit naturally into any lifestyle that commands a more durable and reliable device while its concealability and inconspicuous nature make it a clear winner over the competition when compared to similar devices on the market. Its design caters to both sides of concentrated consumer isle with its design allowing the user to switch from a Quartz tip to a Titanium tip in seconds. The HoneyDabber II currently comes in two different species of wood starting with the original in Cherry to the new Black Edition in Black Walnut but the company also offers many different lasers engraved designs for each species such as the Save The Bees edition or the new Sacred Geometry Totem collection showing off their custom branding capabilities.

The HoneyDabber II Kit is the all-in-one travel kit for the HoneyDabber II. It can be acquired in both original and Black Edition providing the user with the device itself including both Quartz and Titanium tips, a platinum cured silicone concentrate container, and an elegant and uniquely shaped natural cork travel case. The company says they chose cork for the case not only because of its natural aesthetic and soft touch but to make further use of their in-house custom branding capabilities by providing their dispensary and smoke shop customers with an added opportunity to increase brand awareness of the case itself.

The Mini Straw is no different when it comes to that raw look and appeal Honey Labs brings to their products. It's essentially the HoneyDabber’s little brother. Originally made from recycled waste lumber, the Mini Straw is the more economical choice for those looking for a basic straw but wanting the natural aesthetic and American-made pride. Although it doesn't tout the same ability to be put away hot as the HoneyDabber II, it still has the same replacement tip system and can be acquired in both Cherry or Black Walnut. Coupled with the company’s custom branding options, it is an even more cost-conscious promotional item for dispensaries or concentrates companies looking to add something unique to their shelves or sample bags.

The HoneyHose is an attachment made for those looking to add to the capabilities of their HoneyDabber or Mini Straw. With the HoneyHose the user can quickly and easily attach their HoneyDabber or Mini Straw to their favorite water pipe and enjoy water-cooled hits from their favorite straw. The HoneyHose comes with a universal stepped wooden attachment that fits into any 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm female joint making it easily appealing to any user of Honey Labs products.

Honey Labs products can be purchased directly via their online store, or by visiting one of the thousands of Authorized Retailers around North America that carry their products. Retailers or wholesalers interested in learning more about their products and custom branding opportunities can reach out via the bulk inquiries button at the top of the home page on their website to get the conversation started!

About Honey Labs

Honey Labs was founded in 2016 starting with a simple idea brought forth from the want to make a better version of a concentrate straw for a friend that couldn't be broken so easily. It has since blossomed into a beloved brand obsessed with quality, innovation, and customer service. Based in Northeast Ohio, Honey Labs has brought wooden products manufactured in America to an industry full of glass and done it with integrity and affordability in mind.

Honey Labs products can be found at retail establishments all across the United States and Canada.

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