Shortcut Releases Docs, a Game Changer for Product Managers and Engineers Collaborating on Product Development as Surpasses Half Million User Milestone

NEW YORK, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shortcut, the collaborative home for modern software teams, today announced the general availability of Docs, a major free new feature part of its platform for all users. Docs is the first knowledge base to natively integrate documentation and the day-to-day execution of software development work so there is a single source of truth for fluid collaboration between product managers and engineers from ideation, solution development to execution.

“Our customers are telling us that they don’t just want a tool to help them execute more efficiently on their engineering and product work; they want a tool that can help them bring strategic goals, planning and execution together in one place,” said Kurt Schrader, co-founder and CEO of Shortcut. “With Docs, we want to make Shortcut an even more flexible space to create and collaborate around design documents, ADRs, RFCs, product strategy documents and other important collaborative plans. We’re seamlessly integrating Docs with the core capabilities in Shortcut so people can start their planning in the tool and have it natively linked to delivery without context shifting, which improves collaboration, efficiency and the quality of software shipped."

Project management tools for software development are either too simple and do not scale as teams grow, or they are overly complex and painful to use. Complex tools, such as Atlassian’s Jira, create silo effects within organizations that hinder collaboration and reduce visibility between engineering teams and the rest of the organization.

Shortcut is the first collaboration platform for software development that successfully bridges collaboration as organizations scale. The platform enables best-in-class execution at the team level, while facilitating transparent coordination across teams at the company level. Its fast and intuitive interface allows product managers, engineers and designers to plan, track and measure their work without friction as their organizations grow in size and processes become more sophisticated.

"As our Engineering team has doubled, tripled and quadrupled in size, Shortcut has been really powerful in coordinating work with Product and Design. It lets us enable folks to do their best work," said Matt Spitz, Head of Engineering at Vanta.

“Shortcut is the most meaningful thing I look at every morning. I look at the sprint. I see what's in progress. I look at what's in code review. I see if there are any comments people left. I look to see what's next up. All of our sprint stand-up meetings revolve around Shortcut. We also go through Shortcut with our Board,” said Elliot Katz, Senior Director of Engineering at Thirty Madison.

Docs is a knowledge base feature that deeply integrates with Shortcut’s issue tracking and project management features. Docs lives as a tab in the Shortcut application and shares the same user interface and information architecture as the rest of Shortcut. Users can create and open tickets and issues directly within Docs, as well as open linked Docs directly from tickets and issues, all without having to jump between different tools. Updates made in each will stay in sync automatically, eliminating the need for manually replicating information across multiple places.

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