Louie Wickett Offers Expertise in Home Financing to Help First Time Home Buyers

Urbandale, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Urbandale, Iowa -

Louie Wickett - Mortgage Lender, based in Urbandale, Iowa, is please to announce that he is ready to offer his expertise in home financing to assist first time home buyers. Through his in-depth knowledge and experience about home finance, he can offer guidance and assistance to locating the home financing provider that is most suitable for a particular home buyer in Urbandale and Des Moines, Iowa. He can help these people who are buying their first home in determining the best possible source of funding for their new home, such as the Veterans Affairs (VA) residential home program, the housing program of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and more.

Louie Wickett says, “Home financing made easy is key to my business. If someone wants to apply for their first home financing, whether is through the VA program, FHA program, or a conventional financing source; I want the process to be simple and smooth for them. Purchasing a home doesn’t need to be intimidating or confusing. Everyone has questions during the home buying process, and while my first job is to be a facilitator of home financing you can trust, I also want to lay out a plan for your future homes purchases.” Those who want to learn more about Louis Wickett can take a look at the latest article about him.

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The FHA home financing program has the purpose of helping low- to moderate-income families who desire to own a home. This home financing source is insured by the federal government and is offered by a bank or a financial institution approved by the FHA. The primary advantage of the FHA home financing program is that it has a lower minimum down payment when compared to the conventional home financing providers. In addition, home buyers with lower credit scores may also have the chance to get their application approved.

Obviously, the VA home financing program can only be used by veterans and military service members, and their surviving spouses. It is the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that provides a home financing guaranty and other housing-related programs as a way to hlep veterans and those who are in active service when they want to acquire, build, keep, renovate, or adapt a home for personal occupancy. The funding for the VA home programs originate from private financing companies but it is the VA that gives the guaranty, enabling the home buyer to take advantage of low interest rates, no home financing insurance, no down payment, and more.

For those who already own a home, home refinancing may be a good idea for those have an adjustable rate home financing deal, which implies that the interest rate is relatively low at the start but this will gradually increase over time. While this kind of arrangement is attractive for the home buyer for the first few months, there may come a time that the interest rate will be higher compared to the rate used for the regular type of home financing contract. By using a home refinancing arrangement, the homeowner may be able to avoid such higher rates. In addition, the homeowner may be able to benefit from the equity that has already accumulated for the property. It is also possible to shorten the term of the home financing deal.

Louie Wickett - Mortgage Lender has been engaged in the business of assisting people who want to accomplish their dream of owning a home for over seven years and he is happy to be able to help home buyers by providing them with vital information regarding the complex process of home financing or refinancing. He believes in the value of creating and nurturing relationships with clients, treating them like family all throughout the process of purchasing a home or going through home refinancing.


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