Weird History Food Channel Launches On YouTube

New channel joins the Ranker Video Network, which to date has over 5.5 million subscribers and 750 million views combined

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Los Angeles, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ranker, the leader in fan-powered rankings whose brand encompasses, Watchworthy, Weird History, Nerdstalgic and more, continues to expand its impressive YouTube presence with the addition of Weird History Food to its highly viewed portfolio of properties. Evolving from the successful format of Weird History, Weird History Food revolves around the stories and history of food, focusing on products, famous foodies, the business of food and food’s role in pop culture.

Weird History Food takes viewers on a uniquely entertaining, informative and nostalgic journey, exploring foods that have had an impact on generations. The channel tells fascinating stories in a way only the Weird History franchise can. The power of the Weird History brand, coupled with relatable, entertaining content, has led Ranker’s newest YouTube channel to collect over 2 million views during its soft launch. 

To date, Weird History Food has produced videos showing the creativity and diversity the channel brings. Starting with The Dark and Seedy Origins of Wonder Bread, the soft launch of Weird History Food has also included videos discussing What Ever Happened to Zima?, Who Was the Real Colonel Sanders?, Chuck E. Cheese's Origin Story Is Sadder Than You Remember and How the California Raisins Got Huge in the 80s.  

Weird History Food joins the growing Ranker Video Network, which has become a destination on YouTube with over 5.5 million subscribers and 750 million views across the platform. Ranker now runs five distinct, popular channels that encompass the diverse nature of the Ranker brand. Weird History on its own currently has over 3.8 million subscribers, who have accounted for 470 million views and over 54 million hours of watch time.

“Ranker was made to give people an outlet to express their passions through the ability to vote on almost any topic,” said Clark Benson, CEO and founder of Ranker. “Our video team and the network they created have done a remarkable job of spinning that vision into content where the unexpected is not only brought to life, but it’s also really damn entertaining.”

Weird History has been both a viewership and critical success. The channel is everything you didn’t learn in history class, touching on the unexpected, the untold and the flat-out weird parts of history. Viewers come to the channel to understand that as weird as people seem today, we don't hold a candle to history. The channel currently has over 3.8 million subscribers, who have accounted for 470 million views and over 54 million hours of watch time. 

The Ranker channel explores the extensive library of Ranker content and brings it to life in a whole new form. Using Ranker’s extensive well of lists containing over 1.2 billion votes, the channel’s flagship series “ReRank” brings in celebrities and experts from various fields to reorder our lists from their perspectives. Call Me Kat (FOX), Young Rock (NBC), The Wilds (Prime Video), The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (ABC), Panic (Prime Video), Keenan (NBC), Resort to Love (Netflix), La Brea (NBC), Among the Stars (Disney+) and more have all done videos with the channel. Additionally, the channel produces “Rank vs. Rank,” which features influencers Jack O’Shea and Mikaela Pascal putting their own twist on popular pop culture arguments.

Nerdstalgic provides content revolving around everything nerd. From film to television to comic books and more, the channel takes deep dives into topics passionate fans care about. Nerdstalgic currently has over 1.1 million subscribers and is nearing 200 million lifetime video views. 

Nerdstalgic Gaming is the newest offshoot of Nerdstalgic’s success. This channel takes the successful in-depth approach of Nerdstalgic and applies it to all things gaming. The channel tackles everything from Minecraft to Grand Theft Auto. Over 650,000 subscribers currently tune into Nerdstalgic Gaming, which boasts over 60 million views.

The Ranker Video Network is spearheaded by Rich Kuras and Kyle Segal. The co-heads of video bring years of expertise to the growing network. Rich Kuras oversees Weird History (which he took from 10,000 to 3.8 million subscribers), Weird History Food and Rankworthy for Snapchat. Kyle Segal oversees the Nerdstalgic and Ranker channels while also heading up branded sales initiatives.  

Ranker is the leader in fan-powered rankings on just about everything. Whatever the topic - TV, movies, video games, sports, brands, food - Ranker puts the vote into the hands of millions rather than a few critics to answer the questions we are most passionate about. Over 1.2 billion votes now power Ranker Insights, a treasure trove of psychographic correlation data that delivers personalized consumer recommendations and audience insights.


Weird History Food Channel Launches On YouTube

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