Sendoso Adds Big Brands with Style to Leading Global Gift Marketplace

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sendoso, a B2B industry leader in corporate gifting and sending platforms, proudly announces the addition of eighteen new marquee vendors to their continually expanding marketplace this summer.

The products from this outstanding group of brands will broaden and enhance Sendoso’s array of gifts ready to be sent around the world in order to improve business relations. Sendoso chose to pair with each carefully selected vendor for their exceptional products, first-class customer service, and clear corporate values that make them all standouts in their fields. From gluten-free edible cookie dough, to make-your-own blood orange mimosa kits, eco-friendly glass water bottles, and sustainably sourced day planners, Sendoso stands by the quality of each of these brands and what they can help accomplish when presented as gifts.

As businesses everywhere are increasingly developing new leads and chasing higher sales, Sendoso assists by curating a vendor marketplace for corporate gifts that can open doors and close deals. A personalized and customized gift can bridge connections between companies and customers, and at Sendoso, company leadership believes strongly in that mission.

“Sending a gift leaves a lasting impression on those who receive them. I’m so happy that we keep introducing new vendors into the marketplace. This is more opportunity to personalize the experience for any customer,” says Kris Rudeegrapp, CEO at Sendoso.

A sample of the vendors newly added to the Sendoso marketplace in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe include:

Truff (U.S.):

Truff’s team says it best: “The ingredients we like hadn’t been explored, so we explored them.” Truff became famous by combining two of the best tastes for one perfect bite: hot sauce and truffles. Now they’ve expanded into mayonnaise, pasta sauce, and savory oils. Truff’s line of products are huge best sellers that even earned the honored distinction of being named one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” in 2019 and 2021. At Sendoso, our clients enjoy keeping things spicy, which makes this company a tremendous new addition to our gifting marketplace.

Fountain Gifts (U.S.):

Fountain Gifts brings together all the elements that make for a sleek and classy party, and packages them up for customizable delivery. Customers are wowed when they open a box from Fountain Gifts, because quality and luxury are a central part of every packaged experience. They offer gift sets for any occasion, including baby showers, anniversaries, ladies night, guys night, housewarmings, and more. Whether the package includes snacks, champagne, cocktail kits or even pasta kits, Sendoso knows their products will bring a new level of opulence to our corporate gifting marketplace.

Sunday Golf (U.S.):

At Sunday Golf, it’s okay if you’re not the ace on the green. What matters is that you’re getting your swings in and enjoying the game. Sunday Golf takes the traditional, sometimes stuffy sport of golf and mixes in some modern style, humor, and a little flair. They know their clothes and golf bags are different than others on the course, but that’s okay because it’s more important to be present and enjoy your company when you’re playing eighteen holes. The Sunday Golf products in the Sendoso gifting marketplace are a stellar addition, and just like the company says, they are truly “for the weekend.”

Nuuna (UK/Europe):

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Nuuna has elevated notebooks to another level. Inspired by design, architecture, fashion, and the arts, Nuuna set out to make functional yet modern products for anyone who creates. Nuuna’s notebooks, journals, and day planners incorporate thoughtful design, as unique and memorable as the person writing in it. Wrapped in bold colors and vivacious graphics on the outside, the inside pages are made from sustainable forests. Sendoso is excited to bring Nuuna into the gifting marketplace because they provide an expression of personality for the busiest executives and entrepreneurs.

Inclusive Trade (UK/Europe):

Inclusive Trade works as a hub for sustainable as well as ecologically and socially conscious businesses that value strong communities. Inclusive Trade cultivates like-minded enterprises and presents its high-quality products to ethical shoppers all over the world on its website. They host home goods, clothing, bath and beauty products, artisans, and more, all so consumers can make informed decisions with their buying power. Inclusive Trade embodies a core value of Sendoso, and it will be a vital addition to the gifting marketplace by offering more ethical choices for valuable products. (Coming Soon!)

Sendoso frequently makes improvements to the sending platform, as well as the global marketplace, ensuring that businesses are offered the highest quality gifts to reach their goals. New vendors are added regularly in order to keep current with trends and provide teams with endless options for personal and meaningful gifts. Sendoso also proudly touts the ability for businesses to select gifts based on social and ethical preferences, such as charitable, fair-trade, BIPOC-owned, woman-owned, and more.

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Sendoso, the leading sending management platform, helps companies stand out by giving them new ways to engage with customers throughout the buyer’s journey. By integrating digital and physical sending strategies, companies can increase the effectiveness of their existing go-to-market programs and improve their relationships with customers. With a global marketplace of highly-curated vendors (over 30,000 gift options), seamless integrations with popular marketing & sales tools (including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Marketo, and many others), trusted by over 1,000 companies, with dedicated logistics and supply chain operations worldwide, Sendoso serves is an essential part of successful demand generation, account-based, and customer experience programs. Founded in 2016, Sendoso is backed by $152M in venture funding and has a global footprint, with a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Learn more at

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