MDbio Start Clinical Trials for Pharmaceutical-Grade Products That Target Sleeplessness, Anxiety and Pain; Expected Retail From 2023

Los Angeles, CA, July 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MDbio are a leading plant-based, wellness solution who provide safe, pharmaceutical-grade products and medicines. Founded by four medical doctors with notable and successful careers at premier American hospitals and medical centers, their goal is to create products and medicines that have transparent efficacy trial data and abide by the strictest manufacturer processes.

Today, MDbio have announced the start of three separate studies which will assess the efficacy of individual products that target sleeplessness, pain and anxiety. Working under the MDbio’s The Doctors’ Brand™, MDsleep, MDrelief and MDcalm will be tested on over 2,500 US adults from mid-July 2022 to late August.

The results from these highly anticipated clinical trials are likely to be available at the end of 2022. MDbio expect all three products to be available to purchase direct, through healthcare providers and on retail shelves in 2023.

Below, we detail the MDbio clinical trials which are currently underway for MDsleep, MDrelief and MDcalm:

The clinical trials will assess key health outcomes that target sleeplessness, pain and anxiety:

MDbio provide condition specific proprietary formulas to Radicle Science to validate success in patient observational studies. Having conducted internal observational trials for the past 2.5 years in relation to three new medicines, the team of specialists will now run full-scale studies with individuals from across the U.S.

The purpose of the clinical trials is to understand the efficacy of three new plant-based MDbio products. During the trials, the doctors will test synergistic outcomes in multi-active formula compounds and determine the effects of drug holidays using plant-based medicines.

Each product will have a variety of arms to their trials, as detailed below:


There are three arms for the trial of this product. The first will focus on control (placebo), while the other two arms will trial different product strengths.


This trial will again have three arms. One will focus on control (placebo), while the other two will evaluate variations of product strengths to determine efficacy.


This trial will have four arms. While MDbio will assess control (placebo) and variations on product strengths, they will also instruct study participants to undergo a weekly drug holiday.

What consumers can expect to gain from three new plant-based medicines

MDbio have become renowned for their use of plant-based compounds to create successful medicines. During their combined 80 years of service within healthcare, the founders of MDbio found it increasingly clear that drugs prescribed to alleviate conditions regarding sleep, anxiety and pain were a double edged sword. Although these drugs were effective, they can also be toxic, harmful or addictive for patients.

After many years of utilizing plant-based compounds, MDbio concluded that plant-based medicines, including phytocannabinoids, offer patients real benefits without appreciable side effects. These medicines had undeniable potential to help reduce suffering and improve patient outcomes.

Following successful trials, consumers can expect to see MDsleep, MDrelief and MDcalm readily available to purchase from 2023. These medicines will be backed up by vigorous testing and trial data and provide patients with plant-based alternatives that can restore balance (homeostasis) to the body during times of sleeplessness, anxiety, pain and other common situations.

Taking learnings and experience and providing resources for a digital-first world:

While the results of the clinical trials for these three new plant-based medicines are highly anticipated, MDbio and their specialist team are not resting on their laurels. They recently launched their Doctor’s Desk (Resource Center), which has ample free information and inspiration for better mind and body nourishment.

More Information:

With MDbio we’ve created a balanced plant-based, wellness solution for everyone Encompassing over 80 combined years of patient care, our founding doctors have written thousands of pharmaceutical prescriptions for their patients. Today, MDbio develops products that restore balance (homeostasis) to the body during times of sleeplessness, anxiety, pain and other common situations. Our doctors seek to restore not only wellness to patients, but a true “joy of living” by seeking out, testing and refining natural ingredients that support good health.



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