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ROMFORD, ENGLAND, July 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For most people, getting fit is an exciting journey, but without motivation, most people struggle to reach their objectives. Most of the time, people hardly ever receive rewards for reaching their fitness goals or losing weight. BigEx understood this and developed a website and app that allows people to Move and earn money.


BigEx Health Moving app

BigEx Health Move is an app through which users can calculate their steps to earn. The app will be accessible for iOS and CHPLAY. The application essentially uses Blockchain technology and motion measuring technologies (step counting). Due to this aspect, customers will benefit from elements like precision and dependability to guarantee they earn the necessary amount of cryptocurrency. The BigEx Health Moving app will change the fitness sector by enticing users to exercise if they want to make money.

BigEx thinks that the application will encourage people to Move regularly because of the rising incidences of obesity that are caused by unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise in many countries. As a result, the BigEx Health Moving application's objective is to encourage a healthy society by encouraging regular Moving for both financial and health benefits.

Vision Behind the BigEx Health Moving app

The BigEx Health Moving app's goal is to provide something distinctive and distinctively different from existing fitness applications that just demand payment from users in order to access their material, rather than making money off of it. BigEx, a well-known provider of digital asset exchange platforms that encourages the trading and swapping of cryptocurrencies, made the decision to develop the BigEx Health Moving application, which encourages users to Move in order to earn money. The method is essential because it pushes users to prioritise their health by exercising to lower health-related issues like obesity and hypertension, which affect people's productivity. In fact, utilising cars results in large carbon footprints that contribute to global warming. Therefore, consumers will be protecting the environment by Moving as they will be generating fewer greenhouse gases. Finally, users will like the application's dependability and safety because it compensates users using cryptocurrency, which is used more frequently today.

Why should you choose the BigEx Health Moving app?

While the programme claims to motivate users to exercise, they will actually gain a lot from earning cryptocurrency, which they can use for a variety of activities. The users will be asked to open a BigEx cryptocurrency account. This will provide them access to their money because they will earn token rewards from their daily Moving that they can use to buy NFT shoes, NFT clothing, and NFT hats. Additionally, users can profitably buy, sell, and transfer NFT tokens in the marketplace based on their uniqueness. This demonstrates that the application's focus is not primarily on fitness but rather on enabling users to transact digitally utilising Binance coins and NFTs, which have developed into a fantastic means of earning money and making investments.

 1. Privacy and Security 

BigEX is aware of how important it is to protect user privacy so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. BigEx is committed to protecting users' information in light of the rising hacking rates in order to prevent data abuse or overuse. BigEx respects the privacy of its users and uses Apple Health, a built-in health tracker on iPhones, to track users' steps and calculate the calories and kilometres they burn while exercising. As an alternative, BigEx tracks users' Movments, calories burned, and distance travelled using Google Fit data for Android users so they can receive rewards when they meet their intended goals.

2. User Face

BigEx created the BigEx Health Moving app with both Android and iPhone users in mind. Accordingly, as long as a person Moves, their steps will be tracked and sent immediately to the BigEx Health Moving programme, which will calculate how far they have to Move to get prizes. Because the application's main objective is to encourage physical fitness and wellness, people of all ages, young and old, can use it.

One distinctive feature of the BigEx Health Moving programme is that users simply need to enter their wallet address generated by BigEx to track their progress, as opposed to other fitness applications that require users to enter their username or email addresses.

The BigEx Health Moving software is thought to be a ground-breaking fitness tool that encourages users to Move frequently if they want to make money. The BigEx Health Moving app chose to employ digital currency like the Binance Coin due to its growing popularity because it protects users' privacy and enables them to conduct secure transactions in the market. No one will be excluded from BigEx's objective of enabling people to be physically active for the sake of their health and the environment because the programme is available to Android and iPhone users.

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