Introducing the Man Behind KingsArts: Dr. Raymond Wong Launches New Contemporary Art Platform

Dr. Wong has set out on a mission to bring Chinese history and culture to the forefront through contemporary artwork.

HONG KONG, July 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an effort to empower both contemporary artists and art collectors on a global scale, Dr. Raymond Wong has launched KingArts, a contemporary art trading platform. This initiative is one of many launched by Wong, who has been fundamental to the success of many educational programs promoting Chinese art, history, and culture in recent years.

A man of vision, Dr. Wong aims to bring Chinese history and culture to the forefront of the contemporary art world by showcasing unique pieces of work that have interesting stories and history behind them. The KingArts app offers strategic promotion through online and offline marketing advancement services targeting U.S. markets. Through the platform, users can gain access to both quality artwork and cultural education.

In 2015, Dr. Wong launched a student exchange program between two prestigious universities: Yale University in the United States and Hong Kong Chinese University in Hong Kong. Each year, 12 students from each university were given the opportunity to travel to their university's international counterpart to learn about each country's respective culture and history.

Dr. Wong's decision to support such educational programs was rooted in his own passion for academia and learning. After graduating from Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts - Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management - Sotheby's School of Art in 2018 with a master's degree in Art Management, Wong went on to become the honorary Life Vice President for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Foundation and member of the New Asia College at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Board of Trustees.

In his formative years, Dr. Wong worked closely with his father in the trade industry. It was during these early years that Dr. Wong began traveling around the world, building business relationships from a very young age. This line of work foreshadowed what would eventually become Wong's professional specialty: human capital development. 

Dr. Wong went on to become a successful district director at AIA Hong Kong, a multinational insurance and finance corporation that doubles as the largest publicly listed life insurance and securities group in the Asia-Pacific region. There, Wong developed niche programs designed to motivate staff members through the strategic development and nurturing of human relationships.

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About KingsArts

Our Mission is to promote the globalization of Chinese contemporary artwork and to support local artists and collectors. As the traditional art sale & marketing market continues to bottleneck, the marketing cost is extremely high, affecting the true value of artists/collectors. To defend the art worth of all involved parties, we introduce a "triangle engine" to offer strategic promotion through online and offline marketing advancements. 

We build a transparent and innovative business model for all parties, including artists, art investors, and art collectors. We are setting up a new standard for the art market, breaking the iceberg to find the gem.

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