SANUWAVE Treats Football Legend Jim McMahon With ENERGY FIRST

SUWANEE, GA, July 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – SANUWAVE Health, Inc. (OTCQB: SNWV), a Medical Device Company Specializing in Chronic Wound Care, Helps Treat Football Legend Jim McMahon with their ENERGY FIRST devices dermaPACE® and UltraMIST®.

Jim McMahon Jr. is a former football quarterback and college hall-of-famer, who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 15 seasons, most notably with the Chicago Bears. As many professional players do, Mr. McMahon struggled with multiple musculoskeletal injuries throughout his career requiring a wide range of care including surgery. In November 2021, the athlete underwent several surgeries in an attempt to repair an old bone injury. Unfortunately, the incision site became infected causing Mr. McMahon complications leading to healing delays. Thus leaving Mr. McMahon and his care team in need of a swift and effective action plan.

SANUWAVE, an innovative medical device company predominantly focused in wound care, offered their technology to help treat the wound using their ENERGY FIRST approach. For those who are unfamiliar, SANUWAVE’s motto ENERGY FIRST revolves around the idea that energy can be a great first line of defense when working to heal hard-to-heal or chronic wounds. The ENERGY FIRST approach works by activating the body’s normal regenerative process using an assortment of energy waves, from shockwaves to ultrasound.

Combination treatments, utilizing SANUWAVE’s top two energy products began April 27, 2022. The care team first applied SANUWAVE’s UltraMIST®, a low frequency, non-contact, ultrasound technology, to the superficial wound bed to disrupt the bioburden and clean up the infection. They continued treatments by applying SANUWAVE’s dermaPACE® device, a True Focused Acoustic Shockwave technology, to the deep tissue to stimulate perfusion and microvascularization of the capillary network. In Mr. McMahon’s case, treatments with the dermaPACE system also addressed the issue of pain while helping to loosen the tendons aiding in the restoration of mobility. 

As of May 14, 2022, less than 3 weeks after the initial treatment, the wound can be considered healed. Mr McMahon continues to work on his mobility issues with the help of dermaPACE®.  Mr. McMahon stated, “The SANUWAVE team used their energy products to heal my foot and help me get back to the golf course.”

When asked to comment, Kevin Richardson, SANUWAVE’s CEO, Chairman of the Board and avid football fan, stated, “These are the moments we love to see!” He continued, “At SANUWAVE, we genuinely believe our ENERGY FIRST products have the power to make a difference in the approach to treating wounds so when we see or hear these types of success stories it feels really great knowing we have made a meaningful impact not only in wound care but in someone’s life!”


SANUWAVE Health is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of its patented, non-invasive and biological response-activating medical systems for the repair and regeneration of skin, musculoskeletal tissue, and vascular structures. 

SANUWAVE’s end-to-end wound care portfolio of regenerative medicine products and product candidates help restore the body’s normal healing processes. SANUWAVE applies and researches its patented energy transfer technologies in wound healing, orthopedic/spine, aesthetic/cosmetic, and cardiac/endovascular conditions.

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