Sisters of the Valley Announce New CBD Plus Products

Including the Raw Hemp Medicinal Compounds of CBDa and CBGa

Merced, California, July 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Sisters of the Valley today launched a new line of products that incorporates the raw medicine of the hemp plant with the cooked medicine. 

In February of this year, scientists from Oregon announced that they found evidence that the raw compounds in cannabis have the potential of fighting infections.  Their discoveries were centered around the health benefits of the medicinal compounds: CBDa and CBGa.  Since the announcement, the Sisters have been working with a lab in Colorado to formulate oil drops and gel caps that have higher levels of these raw compounds in the end product.

The Sisters are pleased to announce their new products, which they simply call ‘CBD Plus’, in liquid or gel cap form. These products contain the very compounds for which the scientists have uncovered health resiliency benefits.

“Up until now,” explains Sister Kate, “We were only offering products with primarily cooked plant medicine, with only trace amounts of the raw or acidic forms of the medicine.  We knew through reports from people that there are healing powers that are different in the raw plant from the cooked plant, but we needed those Oregon scientists to prove it.”

The Sisters have developed a video and a blog article to help the public understand the nuances of the plant medicine, as the Sisters, themselves, have come to understand.

Sister Sophia said, “Although we aren't doctors or scientists and can't give medical advice, we see the CBD Plus products as a means of staying healthy and fighting disease, and we see the standard CBD gelcaps as more focused on pain relief and healing.  The medicine is new to most of us and all of us are different, so it requires experimentation, and we are fortunate that the plant is very safe to experiment with.  It means that many suffering people can participate in this learning adventure.”

The Sisters are among few in the marketplace who offer such a product.  Said Sister Kate, “It isn’t very humble of us to say, but it appears we are one of the first to market with such a product.  If you try to find products online that have the raw and cooked compounds present in the same gel cap or oil drop, you will find they are, at this time, very rare.”

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