Global CRISPR Gene Detection and Diagnostic Market Research Report 2022: Cost, Accuracy and Speed, The Economies of Multiplexing with Nucleic Acids, The New Agriculture, Pandemics and Pathogens

Dublin, July 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "CRISPR Gene Detection and Diagnostic Markets by Research, Clinical Lab, Consumer, Public Service & Other with Executive and Consultant Guides" report has been added to's offering.

CRISPR is not just about changing genes. CRISPR identifies unique genetic material instantly, accurately and cheaply. A whole new world of identification and diagnostics opens up. Find out exactly what kind of cold or flu you have. Find out exactly what kind of fish you are eating. Instantly detect the presence of unwelcome bacteria, anywhere. A new COVID test is already available.

Will this disruptive technology change the world of In Vitro Diagnostics? What is the impact on Clinical Laboratories? How will social norms be affected?

The market has just gotten started with a handful of small startup companies. Expect the big players to start taking notice. CRISPR is even helping in the battle against Anti Microbial Resistance. Learn about this market including the issues and outlooks.

The two key trends of Point of Care Testing and Molecular Diagnostics are merging with spectacular success. It could possibly displace most frontline test protocols AND save money at the same time. The report includes five year market forecasts.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides
1.1 CRISPR Gene Detection Markets - Strategic Situation Analysis
1.2 Guide for Executives, Marketing, Sales and Business Development Staff
1.3 Guide for Management Consultants and Investment Advisors

2. Introduction and Market Definition
2.1 CRISPR Gene Detection Definition In This Report
2.1.1 Research
2.1.2 Clinical Laboratory
2.1.3 Consumer Diagnostics
2.1.4 Public Service
2.1.5 Other
2.2.1 What is CRISPR?
2.2.2 What is Gene Detection?
2.2.3 The CRISPR Family
2.2.4 Sensitivity of CRISPR
2.3 Chromosomes, Genes and Epigenetics
2.3.1 Chromosomes
2.3.2 Genes
2.3.3 Epigenetics
2.4 Market Definition
2.4.1 Revenue Market Size
2.5 Perspective: Healthcare and the IVD Industry
2.5.1 Global Healthcare Spending
2.5.2 Spending on Diagnostics
2.5. Important Role of Insurance for Diagnostics

3 Market Overview
3.1 Market Participants Play Different Roles
3.1.1 Instrument Manufacturer
3.1.2 Independent lab specialized/esoteric
3.1.3 Independent lab national/regional
3.1.4 Independent lab analytical
3.1.5 Public National/regional lab
3.1.6 Hospital lab
3.1.7 Physician lab
3.1.8 DTC Lab
3.1.9 Sequencing Labs
3.1.10 Audit body
3.2 Genetic Material Detection Markets, Examples and Discussion
3.2.1 Research Markets
3.2.2 Clinical Laboratories - Accuracy, Cost and Speed Multiplexing in the Lab and at the Point of Care
3.2.3 Consumer Diagnostics The CRISPR Consumer Why Consumers Like Multiplexing
3.2.4 Public Service Markets Public Health Public Security Environmental Monitoring
3.2.5 AgriBio and Other Markets AgriBio

4 Market Trends
4.1 Factors Driving Growth
4.1.1 Cost, Accuracy and Speed
4.1.2 The Economies of Multiplexing with Nucleic Acids
4.1.3 The New Agriculture
4.1.4 Pandemics and Pathogens
4.1.5 Health and Self - A Sea Change in Healthcare
4.2 Factors Limiting Growth
4.2.1 Ubiquitous PCR
4.2.2 The Shrinking Cost of All Things Genetic
4.2.3 Wellness has a downside
4.2.4 The Limits of Detection

5 CRISPR Recent Developments
5.1 Recent Developments - Importance and How to Use This Section
5.1.1 Importance of These Developments
5.1.2 How to Use This Section
5.2 Sherlock Biosciences Raises $80M
5.3 Broad Institute Considers CRISPR Respiratory Panels to Replace PCR
5.4 Medix Biochemica Acquires MyPols Biotec
5.5 Mammoth Biosciences High-Throughput CRISPR-Based COVID Test Gets EUA
5.6 UCSD Developing At-Home Covid Test Leveraging CRISPR
5.7 Genome Diagnostics Makes €1M Investment in CRISPR Dx Startup Scope Biosciences
5.8 CRISPR SARS-CoV-2 Test Could be used for Asymptomatic Screening
5.9 Mammoth Biosciences, Agilent to Comarket CRISPR-Based SARS-CoV-2 Test
5.10 Pandemic Accelerates Development of CRISPR Diagnostics
5.11 COVID Assays Use CRISPR and Smartphones
5.12 ERS Genomics Licenses CRISPR Patents to Vivlion
5.13 Mammoth Bio Signs Commercialization Deal for SARS CoV-2 Test
5.14 ERS Genomics, FASMAC to Commercialize CRISPR-Cas9
5.15 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 - CRISPR Wins
5.16 Caspr Biotech Developing COVID Dx

6 Key Companies
6.1 10x Genomics, Inc.
6.2 Aelian Biotechnology
6.3 Agilent
6.4 Axxam
6.5 Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
6.6 Becton, Dickinson and Company
6.7 Binx Health
6.8 bioMerieux Diagnostics
6.9 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc
6.10 Caspr Biotech
6.11 ERS Genomics
6.13 Illumina
6.14 Janssen Diagnostics
6.15 Locus Biosciences
6.16 Mammoth Biosciences
6.17 NRGene
6.18 Roche Molecular Diagnostics
6.19 Sherlock Biosciences
6.20 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
6.21 Vivlion

7 The Global Market for CRISPR Gene Detection and Diagnostics
7.1 Global Market Overview by Country
7.2 Global Market by Application - Overview
7.3 Global Market Organism - Overview

8 Global CRISPR Gene Detection and Diagnostics Markets - By Application
8.1 Research
8.2 Clinical Laboratory
8.3 Clinical Consumer
8.4 Public Service
8.5 Agriculture/Other

9 Global CRISPR Gene Detection and Diagnostics Markets - by Organism
9.1 Human
9.2 Pathogen
9.3 Other Organism

10 Appendices
10.1 United States Medicare System: January 2022 laboratory Fees Schedule
10.2 The Whole Genome Sequence of SARS-CoV-2
10.3 Global Listing of Sequencing Establishments - Location & Contacts
10.4 Methodology

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