UM6P Ventures Invests in Climate Crop, an IndieBio Company, to Enhance the Yield and Survival of Crops in Africa and Across the Globe

Counteracts the impact of climate change and contributes to food security worldwide

CASABLANCA, Morocco, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, UM6P Ventures announced it has made an investment in Climate Crop Ltd. that specializes in the use of gene editing technology to enhance the potential of plants to harness more energy, store more carbon, produce higher yields.

The global warming and the current climate crisis are impacting plant growth and crop output throughout the world. Climate change imposes a severe threat to agricultural systems, food security, and human nutrition. The goal of gene editing technology is to develop high-yielding crops with increased adaptability, survival, and growth rates. Climate crop's solution will enhance food production, increase the grain and industrial material supply, while enhancing their carbon sequestration, and help to mitigate the effect of climate change on agriculture. 

Specifically, they will be leveraging the investment to focus their gene editing technology on potato and tomato crops that dominate the Moroccan landscape and are critical to the food supply across the African continent. In fact, potatoes are now the world's third most important food crop in terms of human consumption, after wheat and rice. Climate Crop will now have access to Africa's enormous agtech ecosystem and the African market. 

"We are actively seeking investments in startups that address an important topic such as climate change and its impact on the global food supply, security, and sustainability. UM6P Ventures' network of scientific experts and our partners' state-of-the-art infrastructure will work hand in hand to accelerate the technology maturity of Climate Crop's solution and its entrance into the commercial market," said Othman Chraibi, Chief Investment & Operations Officer, UM6P Ventures  

In order to capitalize on this extraordinary opportunity, UM6P Ventures will provide Climate Crop with both capital funding and scientific support.  Climate Crop will have access to the UM6P university infrastructure including research and development facilities available at the experimental farm and scientific experts. In addition, they will be connected to our vast ecosystem of partners and investors including VC funds, acceleration partners, agtech corporations and stalwarts throughout Morocco and worldwide. 

As part of the scientific support system provided by UM6P Ventures, Climate Crop will take advantage of our subject matter support offer that includes scientific collaboration between both organizations to devise the R&D roadmap for gene editing and plant transformation projects. By securing greenhouse space and facilities, Climate Crop will be able to advance their technology maturity from the lab to a large-scale prototype. UM6P Ventures will also strategize with Climate Crop to expand their presence in the U.S. market, initially with a U.S. subsidiary in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. 

"The extensive scientific support system available from UM6P Ventures, coupled with capital investment, will help Climate Crop maintain its foothold in the gene editing food market and positively impact crop production and the world's food supply." - Yehuda Borenstein, CEO & Founder, Climate Crop, Ltd. 

About UM6P Ventures

UM6P Ventures is the investment arm of UM6P/OCP, founded as a vehicle for the university to advance entrepreneurship and accelerate scientific innovation in Morocco and Africa. 

About Climate Crop

Climate Crop is a company that specializes in genetic editing to unlock the potential of plants and enhance their capability to harness more energy, store more carbon, and produce higher yields with enhanced survival rate. 

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Climate Crop 

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Image 1: ClimateCrop Potato - 90% more yield.

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ClimateCrop Potato - 90% more yield.