Marijuana Strategic Ventures, Inc. (OTC: MSVI) Now Mushrooms Inc. Shares Industry Highlights of the Industrial Mushroom Market for Investor Awareness

ESTERO, Fla., July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marijuana Strategic Ventures, Inc. (the “Company”)(OTC: MSVI) now Mushrooms Inc. shares industry highlights of the industrial mushroom market for investor awareness.

Mushrooms IncMarijuana Strategic Ventures has changed its name to Mushrooms Inc. We are awaiting official name and ticker changes while we make headway in the industrial mushroom market, functional mushroom market and mushroom related innovation. The purpose of this release is to bring awareness to the success of the newly developing industrial mushroom market.

INDUSTRIAL MUSHROOM MARKET- In the industrial mushroom market we are hearing most about mycelium structured fabrics that are comparable to leather and mushroom mycelium grown packaging to replace one-use items like Styrofoam. Investors are showing their interest in this market through financial support of the mushroom innovators as well as by supporting the companies that make the switch to mushroom mycelium grown products.

Several recognizable companies, such as IKEA and Dell Computers have integrated the packaging into their shipping plans. Others have partnered with the pioneers of the technology such as Sealed-Air.

In the United States we have recently seen $750 million dollars invested into 3 private companies pioneering the industrial mushroom market in the United States. This is a new market with only around 10 years of serious development. Ecovative leads with longevity and patented research milestones. They have raised $110 million for their U.S. mushroom business, focused mainly on meat food substitutes and green packaging. Their headway has allowed Bolt Threads newest product MYLO, a luxury leather-like product made from Mycelium, to raise over $470 million to date, including a $253 million Series E in September. And if we stay on the same mycelium fabric trend we have MYCOWORKS, who has raised a total of $170 million over the last few years for their proprietary luxury version of the mycelium leather.

If we step out of the United States we see growing support for mycelium based products including a recent $14 million for Myco in Kyjov, Czech Republic for their green packaging and others like NOLO in Oslo, Norway who have had successful investment seed funding.

Mushrooms Inc. is carefully positioning itself in this market with research and development into a similar path of production that implements mycelial growth but with an end product that you do not see any of the above companies creating. Successful results will be similarly impactful for regenerative agriculture with end result products having medical patient use without being limited to that market. We are excited to be a part of this amazing world of mycelium and we will keep you posted on our progress in this area.

About Mushrooms Inc. (MSVI)
Mushrooms, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the OTC Markets with the stock symbol MSVI. We anticipate that the new ticker symbol for its Common Stock will be MYCO. We chose the trading symbol MYCO which is a prefix that denotes a relationship to fungus. From the Greek “mykes”, meaning fungus.

The vision for Mushrooms, Inc. is to support the growth of the mushroom industry through collaboration, innovation and development. Creating and supporting environmentally beneficial product innovation is at the heart of Mushrooms, Inc. Our current focus is on the industrial application of Mycelium for the creation of carbon neutral products for the building and health care industries as well as creating supplements based on the proven health benefits of mushrooms. Research and Development is the path to achieving great innovation and the pioneers are the ones we look to for their fortitude and enduring dedication to the world of mycology. The working relationships we are fostering will result in scientifically proven products that advance health of body, mind and environment.

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