Polychain and Blockchain Capital Lead $6 million raise for Fair, Simple and Transparent DeFi on Cosmos

BARCELONA, Spain, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading blockchain venture funds contribute to development of Cosmos-based project, Quasar Finance, that is bringing transparency, ease of access and usage to DeFi.

Quasar Finance has raised $6 million from a range of leading investment firms, including Polychain Capital, Blockchain Capital, Figment Capital, Lightshift Capital and Galileo.

The firms have backed Quasar Finance’s vision to create a range of accessible, structured investment products within the DeFi ecosystem, that investors and liquidity providers alike can benefit from.

Top priority for CEO and co-founder Valentin Pletnev and his global team is making the management of digital assets simple, accessible and secure, while utilizing the Cosmos platform’s Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, a powerful technology that connects and enables value and data transfer across chains, natively.

Valentin said: “Hacks, manipulation, exploits: the current world of decentralized finance is littered with failed projects, bad actors and dubiously-motivated owners, the time is right to give investors and liquidity providers access to a service that just works.”

“Quasar uses the latest in IBC technology to offer the most advanced and accessible structured investment products in DeFi.”

“This is why we are bringing Quasar Finance to market, and is the reason we’ve received support from some of web3’s biggest investors.”

Quasar allows the creation of vaults where investors can park their assets to receive yield, while allowing strategists and liquidity providers to develop and launch their own vaults.

What investors are saying

Ben Perszyk, Polychain: “Quasar abstracts away some of the complexity involved in earning lending yield, providing liquidity to AMM pools, or structuring delta-neutral strategies, and hides those capabilities behind an approachable, user-friendly frontend. By deploying their own application-specific IBC chain, Quasar then offers a powerful new suite of DeFi tools for end users, and positions themselves as a liquidity hub for the ever-expanding Cosmos DeFi ecosystem.”

Aleks Larsen, Blockchain Capital: “Valentin is an exceptionally talented founder and we’re thrilled to back him and his team as they build the easiest way to earn yield on any IBC-enabled blockchain.”

Simao Cruz, Lightshift Capital: “Valentin and the team at Quasar are leveraging cutting edge technology in blockchain to create one central place for asset management. Quasar will solve the liquidity issue on chain, allowing anyone to create new funds, improved strategies or to tap into opportunities regardless of where that liquidity is held.”

About Quasar Finance

Quasar Finance makes digital asset management simple, accessible, and secure. We have carefully designed a platform to easily create and join Vaults- independent asset containers equipped with IBC technology enabling interchain value capture in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

Quasar is democratizing DeFi by making it fair, simple and transparent. Quasar’s platform and vaults make DeFi investing easy for traders, while lowering the barriers to entry of vault creation for strategists. Find out more here - www.quasar.fi.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/quasarfi
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Rn39NauP5w
Telegram: https://t.me/+shSFVLA14B4yNmM6
Medium: https://medium.com/@quasar.fi

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