Hispanic Americans Lead the Way in Using Technology, Collage Group Finds

Washington, D.C., July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

WASHINGTON, D.C. - New research compiled by the cultural intelligence firm, Collage Group, shows that Hispanic Americans are trendsetters in terms of using technology. As a segment, they are super users of the internet, social media, and tech tools. Hispanic consumers are more likely to post to social media daily, and use emerging social media platforms, such as TikTok, among other digital trends. While Americans overall are using such instruments to a greater degree compared to previous years, Hispanic Americans surpassed all groups’ usage rates.

The findings are a result of a study called “Hispanic Passion Points,” conducted by Collage Group and released to member brands during a virtual event in late June. Passion Points are part of the firm’s consumer fundamentals research and aim to provide deep insight into the activities and areas of life consumer segments prioritize.

“Our mission is to reveal insights that go beyond the preconceptions most brands and marketers have about Hispanic and other diverse-led segments,” says David Evans, Collage Group Chief Product Officer. “In this case, the insight is that, for Hispanics, tech savviness is interwoven into many aspects of Hispanic culture and how it’s evolving.”

Collage Group found that it is the Hispanic culture itself that directly leads to this group using tech to such a high degree. Hispanic Americans are very engaged in a wide variety of hobbies and interests where they seek connection and community – activities that can both directly and indirectly include technology.

For example, a key Passion Point for Hispanics is cooking and baking. A group of polled Hispanic Americans said cooking helps them be closer to loved ones and helps build meaningful relationships. According to this segment of people, an important aspect of cooking is presentation. This insight is tied to the segment’s prolific tech use as the Passion Points study found that Hispanic Americans are posting pictures on social media about their cooking and dining out experiences. Forty-six percent said they post pictures of the foods they cook and 42% said they share photos of the foods they eat while at restaurants, both significantly higher than the total American population.

Another Passion Point for Hispanics is exercise. Among those surveyed, 64% of Hispanic Americans said they work out simply because they enjoy it, which is 15% higher than the total population and highest across all racial / ethnic segments. Moreover, Hispanic Americans use a number of tech tools to aid in their fitness routine. Nearly a third of Hispanic Americans use online free workout videos in their pursuit to stay or get in shape and 16% use a workout app.

“Hispanic Americans embrace of technology shows up in their everyday routines and habits,” adds Bryan Miller, PhD, Senior Director of Content. “Whether sharing meal photos on social media, watching online fitness videos, or downloading the latest workout apps, Hispanic Americans are decidedly in tune with these forms of technology.” 

Video game play is yet another Passion Point for Hispanic Americas. To the tune of 50%, Hispanic Americans said they like or love playing video games. Additionally, Collage Group research shows that, when viewed by age, it is revealed that younger Hispanics – those between the ages of 18 and 42 – are more likely to prefer video games over board games or card games. Almost half – 46% – stated that they play video games in order to play with other people from around the world. Also, similar to the Passion Point about exercise, Hispanic Americans when compared to other groups, show to be more interested than others in using video games as part of their fitness routine.

The “Hispanic Passion Points” study is an update from Collage Group’s annual Passion Points survey last fielded in May 2022. The survey is a nationally representative sample of 4,514 consumers, including 1,300 Hispanic consumers.


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