NFTBOOKS releases the full Test-Net version on August 1st.

NFTBOOKS is a newly established crypto project in the industry about NFT for e-books, books, magazines, and articles. Recently, the NFTBOOKS has released the official date of upcoming full Test-Net

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NFTBOOKS is an emerging crypto project that is all about unique collectables of NFT for e-books, books, magazines, and articles. NFTBOOKS envisions transforming the world of book-readings, making it more affordable and accessible to many people. In the recent development, the company has announced the official launch of its full Test-Net version on August 1st.

Everyone in the community can participate in the platform experience. All platform features will be launched in this release. The released features include:

  • Register the author to self-publish the book.
  • Authors self-publish their books as NFTs to let readers buy books.
  • Readers register to buy books.
  • Readers buy books. After reading, they can put them on the resale platform.
  • Readers who buy books after reading can rent them as NFT.
  • People can rent books as NFT. 

NFTBOOKS want to improve tools to assess everyone's reading process. It helps professional authors and new authors understand their readers better, making the reading experience even better. NFTBooks developers have built a design based on sharing for everyone. Currently, the team of NFTBOOKS is exploring how to build an assessment tool of how indicators can be reasonable. Some of the indicators being discussed are:

  • Full content reader index: This index indicates the number of people who have completed reading the entire book. The higher the index, the more successful the work is. But sometimes it can go wrong in some cases.
  • Percentage of content completed index: This index shows where most readers will give up; this helps book owners and other writers to research and find logical errors in the content to improve their writing skills.
  • Demo and bought index: In addition to reputation, writing citations is also very important for new authors to attract buyers and readers to choose their books. We are also planning to develop a feature that hits this point so potential writers can reach users sooner based on user reviews.

Furthermore, the NFTBOOKS project was born to make a profit, but it is the profit of the author, readers, and investors, enabling authors to sell as many books as they are currently and still having passive income over time. If people are reading the book, the author will still make a profit. 

NFTBooks aims to solve problems in the digital space for those authors who love their books, readers who want more good books to read or investors seeking ethical investments, but the value received by all is long-term and permanent.

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