Publishers Clearing House Launches PCH Consumer Insights Platform

Loyal, Authenticated PCH Users Empower Brands with Dynamic Consumer Insights

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Publishers Clearing House (PCH), the digital entertainment destination for millions of Americans, announced today the launch of PCH Consumer Insights – a new consumer research platform designed for agencies, researchers, brands, and marketers and fueled by the highly engaged, registered users who visit PCH’s websites daily.

PCH Consumer Insights offers partners access to critical market feedback and intelligence on new products, packaging, pricing, and marketing messages, from one of the highest-quality consumer panels in the industry. The PCH Consumer Insights team is led by Smriti Sharma, Head of Consumer Insights, and will deliver a comprehensive suite of offerings across the entire research process, from survey design and audience procurement to fraud mitigation, analysis, and reporting.

“The most loyal PCH users spend more than 30 minutes daily engrossed in PCH properties; they make engaging with PCH part of their daily routine, allowing us to reengage the same large pool of consumers over time. PCH Consumer Insights will allow brands to tap into our audience relationships to understand how their products will be viewed by their target consumers,” said Andy Goldberg, CEO of Publishers Clearing House. “Smriti’s PCH Consumer Insights team has built a best-in-breed survey solution based on high-quality Zero Party data with what we believe is one of the largest panels in the American research Market.”

PCH Consumer Insights gives voice to tens of millions of active consumers with opinions to share. The platform connects brands with real people to provide visibility into buyer interests, attitudes, and behaviors. In a groundbreaking fashion, PCH also enables brands to activate their marketing investments with PCH’s Zero/first-party audience targeting.

PCH is the leading destination for millions of Americans passionate about free-to-play, chance-to-win entertainment. Publishers Clearing House Media helps partners acquire new customers through native and interactive experiences across PCH’s digital properties and off-platform, too. By leveraging our expertise in commerce, winning moments, and entertainment, we can introduce new products and services to our community to efficiently meet their performance objectives.

About Publishers Clearing House
Publishers Clearing House is one of Media’s most iconic brands, and a top-ranked multi-category media property with a 100% logged-in audience of millions of registered users, each authenticated at an individual level. With uniquely engaging and interactive free-to-play chance-to-win content, PCH’s signature experience delivers consumers who choose to provide accurate first party data and information as they register and engage with the company. As a result, PCH has one of the largest authenticated audiences outside of the walled gardens, a foundation from which it can offer a variety of ways for publishers and advertisers to activate their identity and 1st party data for cookie-less targeting, buying, and measurement. PCH’s headquarters is in Jericho, NY, with additional offices in Portland (ME) and New York City. Learn more at

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