The ‘Symbiosis NFT Marketplace’ will put collaboration at its heart...

Las Vegas, Nevada, Aug. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ICOA Inc. (OTC: ICOA), a publicly traded Nevada-based company that acquires exciting blockchain-driven ventures, has announced the beta launch of its highly anticipated community-led NFT marketplace, Symbiosis - the art of collaboration.

The name ‘Symbiosis’ reflects the marketplace's unique proposition around ‘collaboration’ and community building, which sits at its core for both artists and collectors. 

The perfect destination for all creatives….
For artists, the marketplace’s ‘symbiotic’ nature will enable artists to collaborate on the design and creative process across categories and geographically. Artist A from New York might kick-start an illustration design, which Artist B from Philippines then adds their own music to, creating a unique ‘one-of-a-kind’ digital art piece, stored as a single and immutable NFT.

The marketplace warmly invites a wide range of artists to join and collaborate, including traditional and digital painters, illustrators, musicians, producers, 3D artists, writers, photographers, and videographers.

For the beta launch of Symbiosis, 15 artists will be launching their exclusive collections on the platform over the coming weeks, starting with a surprise ‘teaser drop’ for the launch week, which commences 8 August 2022.

Subsequent drops will include Martha Sáenz, Ian Sndrz, Emily Miller, Antonio Fräpa, Guari Black, Daniela Wolfer, Vlocke Negro, and Pavel Ramcas.

The perfect destination for collectors
The beta launch of Symbiosis presents a curated selection of NFT artwork, from digital paintings to illustration files, all available for purchase with $ETH and $wETH.

Artists, collectors and investors who are interested in becoming a part of this community-driven creative ecosystem can show interest by joining their official Discord server.

Hadria Wong, CEO of ICOA, Inc. comments: “The Symbiosis marketplace will provide a much-needed collaborative space for traditional and digital artists, musicians and photographers. We are very excited to launch an exciting and alternative solution in the NFT space to help all creatives bridging the gaps from web2 to web3.

“Having a long-term roadmap of development also means that the platform is built for longevity, and is ready to develop new features and functionality to stay competitive, scale to meet the demands of growing users, and able to raise additional funding to support ongoing growth. We believe the strongest building will come during these market conditions.”

The beta site can be seen here: https://symbiosisnft.io/.

For more information, please contact: marketing@symbiosisnft.io

About ICOA

ICOA is a publicly traded Nevada-based company operating in the fintech, blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), and cryptocurrency spaces. Establishing itself as a heavyweight in the innovative tech space through introducing millions of people— across forty states— to wired and wireless broadband networks, ICOA now looks to the next wave of transformative technology— blockchain.

The highly experienced ICOA team supports its investors through strategic acquisition, identifying the most promising and exciting opportunities across the whole blockchain ecosystem. By acquiring or partnering with a spectrum of deliberately chosen projects or teams from key verticals, ICOA delivers on its mission of bringing digital assets to every portfolio and making blockchain opportunities accessible and safe for retail and institutional investors alike.

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The NFT market is still in its early stages, but it is growing rapidly. In the past year, the total value of NFTs traded has increased from $82 million to $17.6 billion, up 21,000% from 2020, according to the NFT data company Nonfungible.com. A number of established big brands from various sectors, including Visa, Coachella Festival, Dolce & Gabbana, Lamborghini, and Nike, and McDonalds have already jumped on the NFT bandwagon in 2021.

In the first quarter of 2022, 950,000 unique cryptocurrency wallet addresses, which represent users conducting transactions, have bought or sold NFTs as well, according to a statistic from blockchain data platform, Chainalysis. That’s a significant growth, up from 627,000 in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The three largest NFT communities are currently Ethereum ($28 Billion), Solana ($2 Billion) and Polygon ($580 Million). This is based on all-time marketplace sales and market caps, data from a leading NFT blockchain aggregator, cryptoslam.io.
Ethereum NFTs on the ERC chain is the largest and most well-known of these, with a total value traded of $200 million in the past year with over 1 million transactions so far..


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