Neurones: Organic growth up 12.5% in 1st half 2022

PRESS INFORMATION        Nanterre, August 3, 2022 (after trading)
Section: 1st half 2022 revenues

Organic growth up 12.5% in 1st half 2022

Revenues (millions of euros)20212022 Growth of which organic
Q1144.2162.6+ 12.8%+ 12.2%
Q2145.1164.5+ 13.4%+ 12.8%
Total H1 revenues289.3327.1+ 13.1%+ 12.5%


With 12.8% organic growth in the second quarter (vs. 12.2% in the first quarter), NEURONES has maintained its sustained growth for several quarters.

There are still many opportunities related to digital transformation. The strong demand in Digital, Cloud, Cybersecurity, as well as in SAP Consulting and Integration, makes for a certain selectivity.

Despite persistent recruitment tensions, increasing recourse to subcontracting and high turnover, operating profit for the half-year (¹) rose by 22.1% to reach 11.3% of revenue (compared with 10.5% in H1 2021).

(¹) unaudited and after 0.4% of expenses related to bonus shares.


In an uncertain global environment, for the moment there are no signs of a slowdown in demand for digital services. In this context, NEURONES is raising its forecasts and now anticipates the following for the whole year:

  • revenues of at least €640m (vs. €625m previously forecast),
  • an operating profit of around 10.5% (vs > 10%).


With over 6,000 experts, and ranking among the French leaders in management consulting and digital services, NEURONES helps large companies and organizations implement their digital projects, transform their IT infrastructures and adopt new uses.

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