UAT Group Subsidiary, H2O Processing to Begin Delivery of Testing & Calibration System

Denver, CO, Aug. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc’s (OTC Pink: UATG) subsidiary, H2O Processing, announced today that it will begin delivering a proprietary, industry specific testing and calibration system to calibrate metal ion/iron removal processes for its larger industrial iron removal system, to sites in south Texas. The first unit is currently in production and expected on site within weeks.

H2O Processing CEO commented, “This newly developed system is designed to process small quantities of a client’s delivered crude before being connected to our larger iron removal system. Nothing like this currently exists for on-site testing and calibration so we had to create equipment that would not only help calibrate the larger system but provide an efficient process to treat larger quantities of contaminated crude in a seamless manner. Including this first step creates a screening mechanism that will increase throughput.”

The testing and calibration unit is small enough to be delivered to a client’s site on a pallet, but robust enough to assist the on-site engineers in evaluating crude oil iron content so that the larger high-volume systems can be properly calibrated to treat full deliveries in large quantities. Once calibrated, the delivered crude will be directly connected to H2O Processing’s full scale metal ion/iron removal system which can be adjusted and customized to meet the barrels-per-minute needs of oil producing clients.

Metals in crude oil carry the potential of interfering with the oil refining processes through excessive coke formation, which is why many refineries will not accept heavy crude with a high metal ion count. Currently, many oil producers that exceed an iron range of 0-10 ppm are penalized between $10-$40 per barrel of oil with producers providing in excess of 500 ppm being rejected entirely. Many oil producers are left stuck holding and storing oil that cannot be sold or refined. The newly developed technology by H2O Processing, Inc resolves this currently global issue.

Chief Executive Officer of UAT Group stated, “This is an important first step in scaling operations. In preparation of future full-scale systems being delivered to potential clients, H2O Process has begun staging manufacturing for this pre-cursor system. This is being done to increase efficiencies and to reduce pipeline delivery times. Eventually, the larger treatment systems will follow and begin treating product across the U.S.”.

H2O Processing expects to deliver full-scale mobile metal ion/iron removal systems in the near-term future.

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