PROTEK Paint Becomes the North American Distributor for Coverit Lime-based Venetian Plaster Products

Etobicoke, Ontario, Aug. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Established in 1950, PROTEK Paint has years of experience manufacturing and distributing quality paint and coating products, to give your space the ultimate finish, indoors and out.

Venetian plaster walls have a durable, decorative, and marble-like surface that can be coloured in a wide range of tones and often polished to a mirror finish if required. They produce the visual effect of ‘Movement’ as the light catches it at different points and at different times of the day.

PROTEK is proud to announce that they are the North American distributor for Coverit, a manufacturer in Italy of decorative lime plaster products since 1972. Coverit offers some of the finest Venetian lime-based plasters available in the world today that are eco-friendly with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds.)

With their expert team of Plaster Masters, professional custom colour matching services, and training facility, PROTEK is the go-to company for Venetian Lime-based Plaster Products.

Due to their impressive wide selection of quality products, it is no wonder that they have so many highly rated customer reviews and are considered a premier one-stop shop to order professional decorative products for either the home or commercial spaces.

Master of Quality Products 

In the About Us section of the PROTEK website you can see how the company has progressed over the years, always striving to incorporate the latest technologies into their product offerings and designs.

Over the years, this dedication to new technologies has enabled PROTEK Paint to offer high quality products embedded with modern technology. PROTEK Paint is proud to represent Coverit Venetian plasters and distribute their world-class decorative lime-based plaster products in North America.

Marmorino Plaster 

Recognized as one of the most luxurious finishes available in the marketplace today, Marmorino Plaster create polished wall finishes with lots of depth. Marmorino Venetian Plasters are most often selected when the final layer of the finished surface is to be polished for a luxurious wall finish.

Marmorino plaster comes in a variety of different grain sizes (i.e. super fine, fine and medium). Most often, Marmorino (high sheen) is layered over other coarser Venetian lime-based plaster undercoats to achieve a finish that is both textured and polished.

Venetian Plaster 

Venetian plaster walls give you a feeling of peace and serenity when entering a room. With a large selection of grain sizes and by layering different plasters in the application process means the design options are limitless. You can create a contemporary look or replicate the elegance of an aesthetic finish used in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece.

On the PROTEK Youtube channel you will find a series of 15 videos that demonstrate how to apply Coverit Venetian Plaster by layering different types of plasters into unique wall finish designs. These video’s can be used as a starting point and be personalized based on the customer design objectives.

Partnering with Protek Paint 

PROTEK has the ability to help others with high quality decorative coating products to be properly represented. Partnering with Protek Paint provides you with access to their experienced and knowledgeable team with years of commercial and residential project experience.

More information

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