Transaction in Own Shares


OSB GROUP PLC                                            
8 August 2022

LEI: 213800ZBKL9BHSL2K459

OSB GROUP PLC (the Company)
Transaction in Own Shares

The Company announces that on 5 August 2022 it had purchased a total of 10,000 of its ordinary shares of £0.01 each on the London Stock Exchange through the Company's broker Citigroup Global Markets Limited as detailed below. The repurchased ordinary shares will be cancelled.

 London Stock Exchange
Number of ordinary shares purchased10,000
Highest price paid (per ordinary share)£5.30
Lowest price paid (per ordinary share)£5.285
Volume weighted average price paid (per ordinary share)£5.2966

The purchases form part of the Company’s share buyback programme announced on 17 March 2022.

Following settlement of the above purchases and cancellation of the purchased ordinary shares, the Company's total number of ordinary shares in issue shall be 440,722,485 ordinary shares.

No ordinary shares are held in treasury. Therefore, the total number of voting rights in the Company is 440,722,485.

In accordance with Article 5(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 as incorporated into and implemented under English law (including by virtue of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018), the detailed breakdown of individual trades made by Citigroup Global Markets Limited on behalf of the Company as part of the share buyback programme is set out below.

This announcement does not constitute, or form part of, an offer or any solicitation of an offer for securities in any jurisdiction.


Nickesha Graham-Burrell
Group Head of Company Secretariat                         t: 01634 835 796

Investor relations

Email:                                 t: 01634 838 973


Robin Wrench/Simone Selzer                                 t:  020 7404 5959

Notes to Editors


OSB began trading as a bank on 1 February 2011 and was admitted to the main market of the London Stock Exchange in June 2014 (OSB.L). OSB joined the FTSE 250 index in June 2015. On 4 October 2019, OSB acquired Charter Court Financial Services Group plc and its subsidiary businesses. On 30 November 2020, OSB GROUP PLC became the listed entity and holding company for the OSB Group. OSB is a specialist lending and retail savings Group authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority, part of the Bank of England, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. The Group reports under two segments, OneSavings Bank and Charter Court Financial Services.

Intermediary NameCitigroup Global Markets Limited
Intermediary CodeSBILGB2L
Timezone GMT+1

Schedule of Purchases – Individual Transactions

Company NameISINTrade DateTrade TimeCurrencyVolumePriceTrading VenueTransaction ID
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202216:23:02GBp274529.50XLONxHa9SyZz8pa
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202216:21:45GBp353529.50XLONxHa9SyZz9eH
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202216:09:00GBp189529.50XLONxHa9SyZ@@dd
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202216:09:00GBp53529.50XLONxHa9SyZ@@df
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202216:07:47GBp305529.50XLONxHa9SyZ@@LB
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202216:02:06GBp289529.50XLONxHa9SyZ@wLY
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202215:57:00GBp302530.00XLONxHa9SyZ@crq
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202215:52:01GBp192530.00XLONxHa9SyZ@bJ$
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202215:52:01GBp28530.00XLONxHa9SyZ@bJz
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202215:50:38GBp290530.00XLONxHa9SyZ@YP8
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202215:42:58GBp200530.00XLONxHa9SyZ@iJN
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202215:42:34GBp269530.00XLONxHa9SyZ@jrG
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202214:58:41GBp249530.00XLONxHa9SyZ$qYO
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202214:46:42GBp256530.00XLONxHa9SyZ$wWo
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202214:45:20GBp380529.50XLONxHa9SyZ$xg$
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202214:42:19GBp183530.00XLONxHa9SyZ$cWM
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202214:16:58GBp407528.50XLONxHa9SyZ$KB5
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202213:55:45GBp22528.50XLONxHa9SyZ$RAb
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202213:55:42GBp330529.00XLONxHa9SyZ$RL3
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202213:37:37GBp331529.50XLONxHa9SyZ$0co
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202213:22:40GBp203529.00XLONxHa9SyZusLb
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202213:02:02GBp240529.50XLONxHa9SyZu$5A
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202213:02:02GBp240529.50XLONxHa9SyZu$5c
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202213:02:02GBp988529.50XLONxHa9SyZu$5Z
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202213:02:02GBp257529.50XLONxHa9SyZu$wT
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202212:30:25GBp330530.00XLONxHa9SyZuW6$
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202212:30:25GBp57529.50XLONxHa9SyZuW62
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202212:30:25GBp183529.50XLONxHa9SyZuW64
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202212:30:25GBp424530.00XLONxHa9SyZuW6z
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202212:17:22GBp302529.50XLONxHa9SyZugjq
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202211:56:50GBp359530.00XLONxHa9SyZuQS6
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202211:13:59GBp329530.00XLONxHa9SyZvsA5
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202211:00:38GBp67530.00XLONxHa9SyZvpml
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202211:00:38GBp292530.00XLONxHa9SyZvpmn
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202210:30:42GBp365530.00XLONxHa9SyZvd@K
OSB GROUP PLCGB00BLDRH36005-Aug-202208:13:26GBp462530.00XLONxHa9SyZwtCV