ProVen Growth and Income VCT plc: Issue of Equity


ProVen Growth and Income VCT plc
Issue of Equity (DRIS)
8 August 2022

The Company announces that it has on 5 August 2022 allotted 2,309,547 Ordinary Shares of 1.6187p each in respect of Shareholders who agreed to subscribe for shares under the terms of the Company's Dividend Reinvestment Scheme in respect of the dividends of 1.5p and 1.75p per Ordinary Share paid on 5 August 2022.

The shares were issued at 60.95p per share (being the latest published Net Asset Value adjusted for the dividends of 1.5p and 1.75p paid on 5 August 2022).

These shares will rank pari passu with existing Ordinary Shares.

Application is being made to the Financial Conduct Authority and to the London Stock Exchange for the new shares to be admitted to the Official List and to trading on the London Stock Exchange's market for listed securities respectively. It is expected that admission will become effective and dealings in the shares will commence on or around 19 August 2022.

Following this issue, the total number of Ordinary Shares in issue is 290,481,025 which is also the total number of voting rights.

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Company Secretary
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