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Global public cloud market size is expected to reach USD 649.62 billion by 2028, from USD 242.73 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 15.10% during the forecast period. (2022–2028).

Westford, USA, Aug. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, demand for public cloud services is on the rise. In fact, public cloud adoption has surpassed private cloud adoption in many organizations. As per SkyQuest analysis, the demand for public cloud is increasing on account of inexpensive monthly fees and the ability to scale up or down depending on demand are just two of the advantages public cloud services offer. Plus, many public clouds have tighter security than traditional on-premises solutions, making them an attractive option for companies who want to keep their data safe.

Apart from this, the global public cloud market is witnessing growing adoption as they allow companies to reduce their infrastructure costs by offloading certain tasks to the cloud. Instead of needing separate IT teams for both data storage and computing, businesses can rely on the power of the cloud to handle these tasks automatically. This not only saves time and resources, but it also frees up employees to focus on more important tasks.

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Top 3 Players are Holding More than 65% of the Global Public Cloud Market

There are many major players in the public cloud market. These companies offer cloud services that allow users to access applications and data from anywhere. Some of these companies are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud. Wherein, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are holding more than 60% of the global market. Out of these 3 players, Amazon is holding its dominance in the global public cloud market.

AWS: AWS is the largest public cloud provider and is generating over 33% of the global market revenue. AWS operates across 245 countries and territories and offers regions across the world including the US East Coast, Europe, Asia Pacific, and South America. AWS offers two main product lines: EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) which provides compute resources and S3 (Storage Service) which provides storage. The company has announced plans for 24 more Availability Zones and 8 more AWS Regions in Spain, Switzerland, India, Australia, Israel, Indonesia, New Zealand, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As per SkyQuest findings, most of the AWS’ consumers are small and medium size enterprises. On the other hand, only 10% of the consumers are large enterprises of the total. Wherein, Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, Turner Broadcasting, BBC, Baidu, ESPN, Adobe, and Twitter are the major consumers of the AWS as they are the largest monthly spenders. To be precise, these companies are spending $19 million, $15 million, $13 million, $11 million, $10 million, $9 million, $9 million, $ 8million, $8million, and $7 million respectively.

Azure: Azure is second largest provider in global public cloud market with over 21% market share. It operates in over 40 countries and has regions across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Asia and Africa. Azure offers three main product lines: Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), Azure Mobile Services, and Azure advertising services. Azure has some strong name under its portfolio such as Samsung, eBay, BMW, GE Healthcare, Boeing, and Travelocity among others.

3. Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Platform is the third largest public cloud provider with over 10% contribution to the global public cloud market.

Looking ahead, SkyQuest analysis suggest that the market is expected to grow even more as businesses shift more workloads.

SkyQuest has analyzed the number of active users in the global public cloud market by revenue generation, active user, monthly revenue contribution by individual businesses, number new subscribers added, active subscription base, and data showing average spending on public cloud by users for availing the services. This report would help you understanding how the industry is growing, what are current trends and technology, and how consumers are responding and contributing to the revenue generation in the global public cloud market. To get a detailed analysis of the top players in terms of revenue, growth strategies, active subscribers base, average revenue per user, potential new consumers, and market opportunities,

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Market Players are Growing with Different Strategies and Philosophy   

Public cloud computing companies are increasingly competing with each other to offer the best deals and services. One way they are doing this is by offering lower prices for data storage, compute, and networking. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba are all major players in public cloud computing, and they all have different features and philosophies that set them apart from one another.

One of the main differences between Amazon and Microsoft is that Amazon focuses on providing low-cost compute resources and data storage for web applications, while Microsoft offers higher-end services for larger organizations. Google is well known for its search engines and other online services, so it has focused heavily on building innovative cloud computing products that can be used to power applications across industries. Alibaba is a major player in the Chinese market, so it focuses on developing innovative apps that can be used by businesses in that country.

80% Businesses are Planning to increase Public Cloud Infrastructure

In June 2022, SkyQuest studied over 1,000 organizations from SME to large enterprises across IT, Retail, and Healthcare domain. The study found that public clouds are now available in 94% of organizations surveyed, and 80% of organizations plan to increase their use of public clouds in the next three years. However, there are some areas of concern: 83% of organizations are concerned about security, and 76% are concerned about compliance. This growth is being driven by the realization that public cloud offers benefits such as scalability, security, and flexibility that are difficult to achieve in on-premises solutions.

The study also finds that these businesses are rapidly shifting to the public cloud because they eliminate the need for separate IT operations for data center resources, applications, systems management, backup and recovery, disaster recovery planning, and security management. This makes it easier to manage all IT resources through one platform.

SkyQuest has done detailed research on how businesses are responding in the global public cloud market and what are they expecting from these services. We have prepared a report that provides deeper insights into consumers behavior, their buying pattern, their decision making, and factors influencing their decision to switch to public cloud. The report also contains insights about market trends, market dynamics, pricing analysis, potential growth opportunity, challenges, and threat, among others.

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Prominent Players in Global Public Cloud Market

  • AWS (US)
  • Microsoft (US)
  • Alibaba Cloud (China)
  • IBM (US)
  • Salesforce (US)
  • Google (US)
  • Oracle (US)
  • SAP (Germany)
  • Mendix (US)
  • Zoho Corporation (India)

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