Odyssey Trust Company Announces Launch of Partnership with OTC Advisory Services Inc. for DTC Eligibility Services

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Odyssey Trust Company (“Odyssey” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the launch of its DTC Eligibility Services program with OTC Advisory Services Inc. (OTC Advisory), a leader in DTC Eligibility and OTC listing services, with more than 450 quoted clients to date.

The combined offering between Odyssey and OTC Advisory will provide Canadian and US issuers with a trusted, expedient and cost-effective solution to become DTC eligible, a key requirement for achieving a US listing on OTC Markets, Nasdaq or NYSE.

Over the past three years, more than 600 Canadian issuers have been seeking liquidity and enhanced investor exposure through obtaining a US quote. Many issuers have found the process for obtaining DTC eligibility frustrating due to uncertainty about the process, coordination of the various deliverables to DTC, timing for review and approval, and the cost.

Odyssey and OTC Advisory are thrilled to offer their combined DTC Eligibility Services to all current and new clients across Canada and the United States, bolstering Odyssey’s core trust and transfer agent business, and accelerating OTC Advisory’s market share of DTC Eligibility services.

“With Canadian issuers increasingly seeking access to the US capital markets, the demand for DTC eligibility has become very popular and we are thrilled to provide this 'all-inclusive' solution to our clients. We’ve listened to their feedback, understand their pain points and believe that we’ve assembled a service that’s second to none. We have hundreds of clients requesting this service every year,” said Jenna Kaye, CEO of Odyssey Trust. “Our product offering is compelling from an efficiency and cost-effectiveness standpoint, and we’re looking forward to providing this 'value-add' service to our clients.”

“A DTC eligibility application can be one of the more complex processes when cross listing, and working with the right people is crucial to the success of an application. This partnership with Odyssey will provide clients with all the necessary partners to guarantee a successful application as well as continued support as a DTC eligible issuer,” said Sarah Morrison, President, OTC Advisory.

For more information on Odyssey and OTC Advisor’s DTC Eligibility Services, please visit www.odysseytrust.com.   

About Odyssey

Odyssey is an independent trust and transfer agent with offices in Calgary and Vancouver, and co-agents based in Toronto, the United States, London, Hong Kong and Australia.

For more information, please contact:

Odyssey Trust Company
Jenna Kaye, CEO | E: jkaye@odysseytrust.com | T: 1-403-660-0192

OTC Advisory Services Inc.
Sarah Morrison, President | E: sarah@otcadvisoryservices.com | T: 1-416-799-7061