American Premium Mining Corp. to Adopt New Corporate Name and Identity as American Wealth Mining Corporation to Better Reflect Diversified Business Focus

The Company Seeks to Capitalize Off The Recent Drop in Overall Crypto Market and Shift Towards a New, Expanded Business Focus

PLAYA VISTA, CA, Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – American Premium Mining Corporation (OTC:HIPH) ("APM" or the "Company”) is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has approved the Company to diversify its business focus to expand into financial technology (“FinTec”) and other platforms that will assist consumers cultivate personal wealth. These initiatives have been branded by the Company as “Wealth Mining”, meant to complement existing crypto mining activities, which the Company currently has in Singapore, and continues to focus on expanding into locations world-wide with low-cost renewable energy.

As part of the Company’s “Wealth Mining” initiative, APM will launch a “Hapi Wealth Builder” program for individuals that have an interest to learn about micro wealth building. Members will be able to access exclusive tools and knowledge that are designed to assist in growing personal wealth. The Wealth Mining initiative will be strictly educational and will not direct or instruct participants on which investments to make or choose from.

The Company has also reached an agreement with Sharing Services Global Corporation (“SHRG”), the master franchisor of Hapi Café in North America, to be Hapi Café’s exclusive franchisee in New York State. The Company intends to open multiple Hapi Café concepts in New York State over the next 18 months. Hapi Café will be a meeting place for Hapi Wealth Builder members to meet and hold events. Hapi Wealth Builder Members will also get to enjoy additional benefits when visiting Hapi Café, the Company plans to leverage Hapi Café’s presence within the State to promote and conduct events. 

The Company is creating a first of its kind financial educational lifestyle platform that combines FinTech, crypto, personal wealth building, wellness, and nutrition. A first of its kind hybrid platform that incorporates FinTech, crypto, and physical retail that meets the increasingly diverse and complex needs of consumers to build health and wealth in the 21st Century.

In accordance with the Company’s recent ventures, APM will be changing its name to American Wealth Mining Corporation; HIPH will remain as the Company’s ticker symbol. This name change will allow the Company to market itself clearly on its new business offerings within Wealth Mining. 

Ryan Fishoff, CEO of APM, commented, “I am pleased to announce the Company’s expansion into financial technology (FinTech) and physical retail. We are building a very unique and first of its kind platform that will create a financial lifestyle for consumers. After the Company made the transition to crypto mining, there were other areas of opportunity that could build wealth for consumers. Through our relationship with SHRG, we were able to develop a strategy that could better leverage the Company’s network to maximize revenues and shareholder value. There are still a number of opportunities in the crypto space that we are pursuing; there are some attractive targets that we are excited about which could help bring substantial shareholder value. Bitcoin mining and crypto is just a part of the larger picture for American Wealth Mining as we look to combine these new and interesting sectors like crypto and FinTech into a platform that not only helps consumers sustain themselves (coffee/food) but train and enrich themselves for the long term. I look forward to unveiling more developments in this new strategy to shareholders in the coming weeks.” 

About Sharing Services Global Corporation 

Sharing Services Global Corporation (OTCQB: SHRG), formerly Sharing Services Inc., is a publicly traded diversified company dedicated to maximizing shareholder value through the acquisition and development of innovative companies, products and technologies. The Sharing Services combined platform leverages the capabilities and expertise of various companies that market and sell products direct to the consumer. One of its primary divisions is Elevacity U.S., LLC a sales and marketing company based on utilization of independent contractors as the sales force.

About Hapi Café Inc.

To transform the way people eat, work and live, Hapi Café combines healthy food, fitness, business activities and leisure all in one location. We strive to create a conducive environment where everyone can gather to enjoy a healthy meal, work, keep fit and plan for the next travel destination.

About Hapi Wealth Inc.

Hapi Wealth Builder program's goal is to mentor and empower the masses to grow their wealth like an affluent investor, leading them to financial independence and creating Millionaires along the way. We aim to help people in their pursuit of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

About American Premium Mining Corporation 

American Premium Mining Corporation (“APM”) is focused on supporting the blockchain ecosystem through proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mining of the leading cryptocurrencies. APM is at the forefront of the digital finance revolution.

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