PDS and National Healthcareer Association (Nha) Bring Accredited Certification Programs to Independent Pharmacy Industry Through Strategic Partnership

Lake Worth, FL, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With NHA, independent pharmacies have the option to pick and choose among modules and products to custom-tailor a pharmacy technician training program that fits their needs, and their budget,” says Elaine Ladd, Chief Pharmacy Officer - PDS. “By empowering pharmacy technicians, ultimately, you will see results like better employee retention, higher confidence in technician competency, improved pharmacy efficiencies and a better overall customer experience.”

NHA offers a product for every step of the pharmacy technician journey. Unlike other solutions that are either too limited, or force clients to pay for more options than they need, their pharmacy technician offering is scalable and designed to meet the needs of each unique pharmacy.

Trainings and Certifications include:

ExCPT® (CPhT) Certification Prep
Help your technicians earn their CPhT credentials.

ExCPT® Exam (CPhT)
Validate technician competency with CPhT national certification.

Prepare your technicians with comprehensive entry-level training.

PharmaSeer Math™
Strengthen technician mastery of pharmacy dosage calculations.

Ready your technicians and pharmacists with the essential soft skills needed in today’s pharmacy.


“NHA is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA),” says Jessica Langley. “Not only do we offer accreditation exams and prep, but we provide white-glove service and at-a-glance technician analytics. By having data that is easily accessible and easy to understand, it is undeniable that when independent pharmacies work with NHA, they will see positive results in their business.”

For more information on NHA’s pharmacy technician solutions, visit https://info.nhanow.com/retail-pharm-tech.

About Pharmacy Development Services (PDS): PDS is headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida, and has been partnering with independent pharmacy owners across the United States to drive business growth since 2001. PDS focuses on four quadrants of business: finance, team, growth, and operations. By acknowledging the challenges in the ever-changing pharmacy industry, PDS supports its members and helps them take control of their businesses, move forward with clarity, and win with confidence. For more information on how to partner with PDS, please visit www.pharmacyowners.com




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