Turning Point of Tampa Opens Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Program

Tampa, Aug. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Turning Point of Tampa, a leading treatment provider in Tampa, Florida is pleased to announce the expansion of services to include medical detoxification from drugs and alcohol.

The facility’s growth is driven by the surge of Fentanyl and illicit drugs sweeping through Florida and leaving death in its wake.

“Addiction is treatable and we are committed to offering services to those seeking help. Being licensed by the state of Florida allows us to help those who want to help themselves. As a community member, seeing our young and old suffer the tragedy and devastation of addiction is heartbreaking – there is another way.” – CEO/Clinical Director, Robin Piper.

Designed to meet the needs of those seeking recovery from addiction, Turning Point of Tampa recently opened a medically supervised detox program to combat the overwhelming need to fight addiction. As a family run drug and alcohol rehab program for over 35 years, Turning Point of Tampa is committed to ensuring the highest level of care for those seeking services. 

Turning Point of Tampa’s detox center offers inpatient medically supervised detox at their Tampa, Florida Facility. 

The Turning Point of Tampa detox center is ASAM level – 3.7 WM (withdrawal management) certified. Licensed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and accredited by the Joint Commission.

Turning Point of Tampa sets itself apart with a commitment to helping addicts and alcoholics. ASAM criteria is the most widely used set of guidelines. It is also the most comprehensive. Our certification will act to improve the quality of our inpatient detox program.

Our medical inpatient detox program is led by our medical director Hardeep Singh, MD. Dr. Singh has been with Turning Point of Tampa since 2016 and was named in Tampa Magazines’ Top Doctors 2022 as an Addiction Medicine Doctor.

Since 1991, Dr. Singh has been an Adult Psychiatrist. He is certified in Psychopharmacology and Addiction Medicine. He is a Fellow of the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) and a past President of the Tampa Psychiatric Society.

Dr. Singh says, “The Turning Point of Tampa Drug and Alcohol Detox Program offers proven and supportive evidence based withdrawal management for our patients. I am excited to collaborate with our medical team of physicians and nurses as we guide our patients safely into their new life of recovery.”

Effective Substance Abuse Treatment 

Effective substance abuse treatment at our drug detox program and drug rehab center ensures harmful withdrawal symptoms are managed and our patients are kept comfortable. Medically managed withdrawal during detox ensures the withdrawal process is safe and all physical and mental health conditions are treated.

Turning Point of Tampa is a treatment provider for those who suffer from addiction, eating disorders and dual diagnosis. Our drug and alcohol rehab program at our residential treatment center is designed for individuals struggling with a drug or alcohol use disorder.

At Turning Point of Tampa we emphasize community and utilize a combination of clinical approaches. We offer a safe, sober, supportive environment. Utilizing the twelve-step philosophy, we place an emphasis on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental factors of the whole person.

About Turning Point of Tampa

As a provider to those who suffer from addiction, eating disorders and dual diagnosis, Turning Point of Tampa has been a nationally recognized leader in behavioral health for over 35 years. Their drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed for adult men and women struggling with a drug or alcohol use disorder. The Point is Recovery Podcast is part of giving back to the recovery community.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/turning-point-of-tampa-opens-drug-and-alcohol-detoxification-program/


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