Bybit Unveils Specialized NFT Portal GrabPic, Demonstrating Unwavered Commitment Toward NFT, GameFi and the Metaverse

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Aug. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bybit, the third most visited cryptocurrency exchange in the world, announced the launch of its brand-new specialized NFT portal GrabPic, where Bybit users can purchase state-of-the-art NFTs at attractive prices, with no gas fee, and trade for profit in the secondary market.

This release is another product innovation from Bybit in response to user demands. With GrabPic, Bybit offers high quality, exclusive NFT projects from crypto-native and traditional artists, GameFi projects, Metaverse projects and many more. As a specialized portal on the Bybit NFT Marketplace, GrabPic enables artists and creatives curious about the NFT space to enter with minimal technological barriers, and serves a niche audience through showcasing affordable and unique NFT art. GrabPic aims to democratize the NFT experience for those underserved by existing offerings on both the creator and the collector sides.

In the coming months, GrabPic will gradually release a wide spectrum of features to open up earning opportunities for NFT traders through fun and rewarding experiences.

GrabPic Opens Its Doors With Zero to Hero Book NFTs and Two PFP NFT Projects

To further spur interest among the community, GrabPic is featuring exclusive NFTs from Zero to Hero,, and SIMP in the launch.

Zero to Hero marks the very first NFT book collection offered by Bybit. This new NFT collection is created by Anndy Lian, a celebrated thought leader in the crypto and NFT community. With its initial launch to the market on GrabPic, Zero to Hero is a call to anyone and everyone excited about the prospect of the world of NFT. Bound by imagination only, the NFT space is still in its early days and early adopters can be a “hero” in their search for new possibilities. and SIMP are profile picture (PFP) NFT projects created by crypto native artists, both with 10,000 pieces. Inspired by artificial intelligence, outer space, civilization, and more, the projects engage the community in meaningful discourses beyond the pixels.

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