Cloudian Announces Enterprise Load Balancer to Ensure Optimal Performance

New HyperBalance Offering Intelligently Manages Application Traffic for Increased Availability Improved Efficiency, Enhanced Scalability and Greater Visibility

SAN MATEO, Calif., Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloudian® today announced its new HyperBalance product, an enterprise load balancer that intelligently manages application traffic across storage nodes to provide optimal, consistent performance. Based on proven technology from and tightly integrated with Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage platform, HyperBalance addresses a key challenge of managing large data volumes at scale.

In HyperStore’s shared-nothing architecture, any storage node can respond to any incoming request, providing a parallel processing capability that allows performance to grow as new nodes are added. HyperBalance helps customers achieve the maximum performance benefit of this architecture by evenly distributing workload across all nodes, thus eliminating bottlenecks. In addition, by establishing a clean delineation between the object storage and networking infrastructure, HyperBalance essentially turns the connected HyperStore system into a single IP address accessible and utilized as a private storage cloud.

Other HyperBalance benefits include:

  • Increased availability – guaranteed uptime, preserved integrity of file transfers, ensured consistent access to data
  • Improved efficiency – optimized architecture, distributed load, high performance
  • Enhanced scalability – increased storage capacity, easy cluster expansion (adding nodes), deployment across multiple data centers
  • Greater visibility – integrated network monitoring and insight, reduced time to resolution

“As organizations focus on extracting greater value from their growing data volumes, they need a highly scalable, secure and cost-effective modern storage foundation that can keep up with the performance demands of their applications,” said Larry Meese, vice president of products and solutions, Cloudian. “The addition of HyperBalance to Cloudian’s product portfolio reflects our commitment to providing customers with easy-to-manage solutions that enable them to focus on driving operational success and not the underlying storage infrastructure.”

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