Kennected Makes Inc. 5000 List For Two Years In A Row

Indianapolis, Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Indianapolis, Indiana -

Indianapolis, Indiana-based Kennected, a sales enablement company that specializes in outreach & prospecting tools around LinkedIn, has made the Inc. 5000 list again. For 2022, Kennected landed at #438, improving on its #583 listing from 2021. With impressive year-over-year growth, and growing its employee count by 65 full time team members, Kennected is poised for a fantastic end of 2022 and an even stronger 2023. While many SaaS companies are laying off talent, Kennected is leaning into the hiring phase even harder.

Stephen Twomey, Kennected’s Chief Marketing Officer, and co-founder, had this to say, "We as a team recognize that we are in a unique spot. Kennected’s MRR is consistently growing, so we need to continue to invest in the team and infrastructure to continue to provide best-in-class customer support and tools. We're doubling down in hiring new sales staff, specifically on the enterprise side. We've made 2 new hires on the marketing team already in Q3. While others are tightening their belts, we're running toward the fray and not away from it."

Kennected Inc. 5000 2022

From humble beginnings where their business plan was drawn out on a napkin to making the top 8% of the fastest growing Inc. 5000 list for 2022, it’s been great to watch Kennected transform from the ground up. The sky really is the limit for this talented team of men and women.

Cody Harvey, one of the founders of Kennected and current Chief Strategy Officer, stated the following, “The idea of Kennected started off on a beverage napkin. We had this crazy goal of helping 1 million business owners find a simplified way to scale their company through automated lead generation. By putting customers and employees first we’ve been able to see that goal get closer and closer every quarter. Truthfully, I think we underestimated the impact we can make. I believe with the innovative technology we are rolling out we will revolutionize the way internal business processes are done on a day to day basis.”

As a SaaS company, Kennected is unique and stands out from other businesses in the industry, but one of the most important elements lies within Kennected’s “kulture.” Each of Kennected’s departments partakes in quarterly “team bonding” activities that encourage collaboration and trust beyond the business space. The marketing department recently took a trip to Traverse City last month to spend several days fostering team synergy and connection. These department ventures reflect Kennected's company mentality that the people within a business are what make the company special and successful.

Kennected’s “kulture” does not limit itself to designated departments, but rather the organization as a whole works together to accomplish goals each quarter. Kennected’s lead generation software is sold by the sales force, marketed by marketers, and streamlined through the operations team. All the employees are part of the team at Kennected, and the goals that unite the business are constantly growing and evolving to accommodate Kennected’s rising successes.

The SaaS space is full of businesses like Kennected, bridging the gap between everyday business processes and software development. What separates Kennected from the rest is its unrelenting commitment to the team and its client base. All of their departments across the board are dedicated to improving the customer experience, from content creation to the sales process to customer relationship management. Like within Kennected, we recognize that the people within every business we work with are what makes the company exceptional.

Kennected is thrilled that improvements within its business have been recognized and reflected in the Inc 5000 list this year. At Kennected, users can count on the fact that Kennected will keep pushing through any obstacles in their path and demonstrate their resilience in the SaaS space for years to come. Learn more about Kennected's LinkedIn bulk messaging software, and their other suite of solutions by visiting


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