New GoodCook EveryWare Lunch Food Storage Containers Available at Target

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Aug. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As students head back to school and workers return back to the office, GoodCook, the leading kitchenware brand in America that makes quality cooking essentials for everyone, has launched the new EveryWare Lunch food storage containers at Target. Available in packs of three or four containers at less than $10.00 per pack, the GoodCook EveryWare Lunch food storage system is a cost-efficient way to let everyone in the family make, store and take a meal to school or work that is fit just for them.

“Bringing your lunch to school or work is a great way to enjoy your favorite meals, while also saving money. And with more than **50% of workers and students bringing their lunch with them, it was important to GoodCook that we created something that could fit their needs, no matter what the meal entails,” said Tom Barber, SVP Marketing and Product Development.

With four different size configurations, each GoodCook EveryWare Lunch container includes individual compartments to house various components of a meal in separate areas and without the items touching. The BPA-free storage containers include lids that snap into place to create a tight seal that preserves freshness and prevents leaks. A compact and stackable design allows users to conveniently carry their items without taking up too much room in a backpack or briefcase. Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, the GoodCook EveryWare Lunch food storage system is designed for easy, long-lasting use. It is also made with 100% recyclable materials to help reduce the 35 million tons of plastic that is generated in our country.

The new GoodCook EveryWare Lunch food storage solutions were designed with several quality features to make it easy for the whole family to in making lunch, snack or breakfast. The containers in this new food storage system include:

  • The EveryWare Bento Box is designed to hold an entire meal, or up to five different dishes in one easy to transport container. The two-layered system includes a bottom layer with a large compartment for main entrees such as overnight oats, and two small compartments for side dishes such as granola. The top layer includes a removable tray and two additional small compartments for storing other items like fresh berries. A three-pack of containers is available for $7.99.
  • The EveryWare Lunch Cube has two compartments on the bottom for sides such as cut fruit and nuts, as well as a removable sandwich tray. The cube shaped plastic storage container is available in a pack of three for $7.99.
  • The EveryWare Lunch Box, is perfectly portioned for kid’s lunches and has a split design that stores three different contents in one—a large compartment for entrees and two small compartments for side dishes. The storage container is available in a pack of four at an affordable $6.99.
  • The EveryWare Snack Pack container is great for snacking while on the go. The two compartments divide food items like hummus and pita, the EveryWare Snack Pack’s rectangular shape makes for easy transporting. It is available in pack of five containers for $4.99.

For over thirty years, GoodCook has been America’s companion in the kitchen, delivering quality cooking essentials for home cooks that are built to last. With GoodCook’s new EveryWare Lunch food storage system, families can make, store and take meals that are made just for them. For more information about GoodCook, please visit and @goodcookcom.


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