Hong Kong Psychotherapy And Mental Health Needs Addressed By Therapists At Maple Tree Counselling

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Central, Aug. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Central, Hong Kong -

Maple Tree Counselling, provides counselling services in Hong Kong. The practice is pleased to announce that the therapy it offers can help clients struggling with stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues by providing a safe and supportive space where they can explore their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. The therapy sessions are aimed at making the clients more self-aware such that they are able to facilitate change in their own lives as a way to improve their mental health. Learn more about the Hong Kong therapists here: https://www.mapletreecounselling.com/counsellors/

By exploring their behaviours, thoughts, and feelings, clients are able to see how these are related to present or past problems with work, life, relationships, or other struggles. The therapy can benefit not just those individuals who are facing a crisis; anybody can actually go for therapy, whether they are in the midst of struggles or want to go through a process of self exploration to become more resilient in case they encounter problems in the future.

Dickie Mok Therapist Hong Kong

Some of the benefits of therapy can include modifying unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviour, healing from past trauma, moving forward from disheartening events, or enhancing relationships and life in general. Maple Tree Counselling can work with individuals who desire to improve with regards to decreasing stress, burnout prevention, anger management, and boosting productivity and performance.

A counsellor at Maple Tree Counselling can help a client manage an immediate crisis or provide ongoing support. For example, Dickie Mok, a therapist at the practice, works with adults experiencing anxiety, depression, and those dealing with issues of self-worth, career and life transition. The Psychology Today-endorsed counsellor supports clients by encouraging awareness, reflection, resilience, and self-compassion. Dickie sees counselling as a supportive and collaborative space to work with clients to achieve growth and development. As a Canadian-born Chinese, he often works with clients of diverse backgrounds. For more information visit: https://schooner.io/i27kn

For first-time therapy goers, Maple Tree Counselling offers a 15-minute, no charge pre-screen call. This is where the Therapist assesses the needs of the client and explains their approach to Therapy. Therapists and clients spend most of their first session getting to know each other, because creating a relationship of trust, and a therapeutic alliance, is a vital first step to any positive therapy work. To foster this trust, the therapist will strive to make sure the first appointment moves at the client’s pace, and clients are encouraged to ask any questions or share any thoughts that they may have about the session. By the end of the first therapy session, both the therapist and client can hope to have established some important goals for therapy and a plan for upcoming sessions.

The practitioners at Maple Tree Counselling apply various types of evidence-based therapies to help their clients, and they regularly update their knowledge and practice based on the most up-to-date scientific findings. During the first two or three sessions, the goals for treatment are discussed and as a result, a personalised treatment plan is developed for each particular client. A minimum of six to 12 weekly or bi-monthly sessions is common. However, many clients want to use the therapy for longer-term exploration of deeper-seated issues.

Founded in 2021, Maple Tree Counselling is a boutique counselling and therapy practice in Hong Kong. They are a group of professional counsellors, a diverse, multicultural team with rich life experience and international professional qualifications and accreditation. They are guided by the key professional values of ongoing professional development, expert individual and group supervision, and absolute confidentiality. The Maple Tree Counselling therapists deliver the sessions in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Maple Tree Counselling works out of discreet and tranquil rooms on the 27th floor of World Wide House, 19 Des Voeux Road, Central.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the counselling and therapy practice in Hong Kong can visit the Maple Tree Counselling website at https://www.mapletreecounselling.com/.


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