Medical Device Association Launches Hub for Research, Standards, News: AAMI ARRAY

Arlington, Virginia, UNITED STATES

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has launched a new online platform to bring together its many resources for the health technology, medical device, and sterilization communities. That platform, called AAMI ARRAY, functions as a “one-stop shop” for accessing AAMI’s journal content, industry news, and association updates, as well as the most up-to-date standards, guidance documents, and books. AAMI ARRAY launched on Monday, July 18.

“An ‘array’ is defined as an impressive display of a particular type of thing, and we want AAMI ARRAY to be that impressive display for our resources on health technology and medical device safety,” said Stephanie Rizk, vice president of brand and technology at AAMI. “AAMI ARRAY serves as the new backbone of our digital library of content and allows AAMI members and customers to access the best resources we have to offer in one single platform. You can find it all with one click at AAMI ARRAY.”

Specifically, AAMI ARRAY serves as a hub for:

  • Standards, technical information reports, and consensus reports
  • AAMI News articles and features
  • Books and specialty publications
  • Scholarly articles from BI&T, AAMI’s peer-reviewed journal of health technology and sterilization
  • AAMI blog and multimedia content

According to Gavin Stern, editor in chief and director of publications for AAMI, the development of AAMI ARRAY was driven by the need to prepare AAMI’s development and delivery of publications for the future. With more than 10,000 members and tens of thousands of weekly readers, AAMI has sought a new way to efficiently deliver the information that health technology professionals use to enrich their careers, their customers’ experience, and their patients’ safety.

“Medical device manufacturers, health tech professionals, and sterilization professionals look to AAMI as an authoritative source of practical information, support, and guidance. But, until now, accessing those resources hasn’t always been intuitive,” Stern said. “We built AAMI ARRAY to deliver the resources these folks need to advance the safety of health technology—whether that’s through healthcare technology management, industrial sterilization, healthcare-focused AI, cybersecurity, and more.”

An ARRAY for You

While having so much content available through ARRAY may sound overwhelming, it’s designed to help deliver the right content for the right audience.

Starting at the home page, visitors can find a curated list of news about AAMI, the medical device and health technology industry, in-depth features, and personal stories from professionals. All this content is thoroughly organized by key topics, including (but not limited to) sterilization, cybersecurity, HTM, health IT, and AI/machine learning. With a single keyword search, users can explore almost everything that AAMI has published on that topic, whether in a peer-reviewed journal, a guidance document, a news article, or a blog post. Each content type has its own set of filters so visitors can easily narrow in on just the information they are looking for. And in news articles just like this one, readers can find a series of key topic links at the top of the page. By clicking on these, visitors will be taken to a search results page full of stories also about that topic.

By logging in, users can also access their personal profile in My ARRAY, which lists all content they receive as part of their member benefits, publications they’ve purchased, and their individual and enterprise eSubscription content items. Users can sign up to receive email alerts when new content is published about important key words, access saved searches and ‘favorite’ content items for later reference, and share links to content items with their colleagues.

Visitors to the new platform will be able to find all the AAMI publications they regularly enjoy, plus member-exclusive content and much more. AAMI ARRAY visitors in need of assistance should contact

Media relations manager
Brian Stallard
Your primary press contact for AAMI.
(703) 647-2771