MotorWeek shifts into high gear for an exciting 42nd season with “Destination Zero” and new “Your Drive” car care experts

OWINGS MILLS, MD, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MotorWeek, television’s original and longest-running automotive magazine series, gets a high-speed tune-up for its 42nd season with a fresh pair of innovative themes.  Season 42 reimagines video car care with “Your Drive,” and reinforces its long-standing commitment to driving for a cleaner environment with the “Destination Zero” automotive recycling initiative punctuated by the slogan, “Put waste in its place!”    

Premiering Saturday, September 10 on public television stations across the country (check local PBS listings), “Your Drive” features a new trio of car care experts who will broaden the how-to subject matter beyond what was traditionally found on the highly popular “Goss’ Garage.” Audra Fordin, founder and CEO of Women Auto Know (WAK), empowers people of all ages with the automotive knowledge they need to be safe, confident, and knowledgeable drivers, passengers, and automotive consumers.  Daniel Maffett, a seasoned resto-mod veteran, and designer of numerous SEMA car builds, brings his artistic eye to MotorWeek, showing viewers the right way to upgrade rides.  And Logan McCombs, who’s never run into something he couldn’t make better with a few tools in his hands, focuses on general maintenance topics and DIY performance upgrades. Plus, "Your Drive" will feature an exclusive appearance by child automotive expert and YouTube sensation Giuseppe Iatarola. While the production approach of “Your Drive” will be fresh, it is committed to the same high level of viewer trust that the late Pat Goss earned over more than four decades on MotorWeek.

In today’s new car market, more and more of the latest models are forsaking fossil-fueled engines for some form of plug-in electric vehicle powertrain with the aim to make the world a cleaner place for everyone. But, while traditional internal combustion engine cars may be on the wane, they leave behind a legacy of pollution that is not going to go away for many decades to come. “Destination Zero” is MotorWeek’s new initiative to promote the recycling of the legacy materials left by the first century of the automobile. Series host John Davis notes, “With our new call-to-arms motto ‘Put waste in its place,’ season 42 of MotorWeek will look at how the disposal of traditional automotive fluids, especially waste engine oil, along with batteries, and other automotive byproducts, such as tires, plastics, steel, and other metals, are impacting our environment and what we all must do to properly recycle them.”  

MotorWeek will be increasing its coverage of breaking car-focused environmental news, spotlighting efforts within the auto industry to alleviate these environmental problems right from the factory, and showing how end-stage auto recycling is cleaning up its act. “Destination Zero” will also enlighten viewers on how they can do their part to “Put waste in its place.”

Season 42 will not, however, forsake what has made the series the pioneering automotive television series for screens of all shapes and sizes. Once again it is expected that some 150 new cars, trucks, and SUVs will cross the MotorWeek cameras in the series’ signature road tests. Also returning is the rotating lineup of feature segments: “Over the Edge” reporter Greg Carloss gets highly involved with the more adventurous side of the automotive world; lifestyle reporter Stephanie Hart highlights developments in driving and automotive safety, along with the latest in automotive technology in “FYI”; Brian Robinson hits the road in the latest motorcycles in “Two Wheelin’”; Jessica Ray increases viewers’ automotive knowledge in “Did You Know?”; and “AutoWorld” continues to explores the evolving world of alternative fuels and vehicle electrification.

For those who follow MotorWeek on the smaller screen, there’s good news too, with an all-new website that’s both packed full of more information than before and also much easier to navigate.  

Of course, throughout the 42nd season, series host and creator John Davis and the MotorWeek team will continue to test, evaluate, and attempt to understand the insatiable but evolving American appetite for personal transportation, despite major shifts in culture, global supply chain issues, and inventory shortages. Season 42 brings the 2023 model year into focus as the automotive industry continues to increase its push toward electrification. However, traditional internal combustion engine-powered vehicles are far from irrelevant. 

“There are more than 285 million passenger vehicles on American roads today, and many automakers are saying they will likely make at least some conventional internal combustion engine vehicles well after 2035,” remarks Davis, “so buyers who don’t see EVs as suiting their needs will still have plenty of choices either in the new or used vehicle markets for decades to come.”

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