Kennected's Bulk LinkedIn Messaging Tool Continues to Get Highly Positive Reviews

Indianapolis, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Indianapolis, Indiana -

Kennected, a company that offers a SaaS-based marketing software, is proud to announce that their sales enablement software continues to gain highly positive reviews, with more than 52 five-star reviews on G2 and dozens of video testimonials on their YouTube channel. Recently, they received an email testimonial from Ryan Moskow, Chief Revenue Officer of Private Label Accelerator, who expressed gratitude for the bulk messaging tool for LinkedIn from Kennected that was able to drive growth for their business.

In the testimonial, Ryan Moskow said, “My name is Ryan Moskow, I'm the Chief Revenue Officer of an E-Commerce automation company called Private Label Accelerator that specializes in launching, managing, and scaling our clients' Amazon FBA businesses. My team and I have been leveraging LinkedIn for over a year now as part of our lead generation process and I am ecstatic to have come across Kennected. It streamlines every bit of that process for us. I wanted to send you a message to show my appreciation for your team. Both Bryce Ber and Emma Westlake have gone above and beyond to get us rolling! Excited to see what the future holds.”

Kennected White Label Automation For LinkedIn

This LinkedIn bulk messaging tool is capable to sending personalized messages to either new or current connections on LinkedIn. This is an effective lead generation tool because LinkedIn accounts for 80 percent of all social media leads, according to the most recent social media statistics. With the LinkedIn messaging tool from Kennected, messages can be sent to people automatically. It is possible to send prospecting messages, connection requests, and any other type of message that one woul d like to send in LinkedIn. But the key to automating the sending of LinkedIn messages is to do it safely. LinkedIn allows the sending of automated messages except that it must be done properly. It is important to initiate meaningful conversations with connections in order to generate leads.

The Cloud Kennect LinkedIn automation software mentioned in the Private Accelerator testimonial has several advantages. It allows the user to select the target audience easily. It is also possible to create campaigns with follow-ups. The user will simply need to create sequences for the first, second, or third degree connections, and then add as many follow-up messages as desired and establish time delays between them to simulate human behavior. The LinkedIn automation tool will do the rest. It also allows the user to make the message stand out by using tags that automatically fill in the prospect’s name, company, and more. This tool also has a real-time detailed analytics dashboard to allow the user to see the most successful campaigns and monitor the health of their account based on their LinkedIn SSI score. Users can also collect valuable public data regarding their connections to allow for follow-up using multiple channels. And users can link Kennected with their preferred CRM.

Kennected also offers a proven agency white label partner solution. They have an Agency Department made up of people who specialize in handling their white label or private label partners. Kennected may be the best choice for those who are looking to white label a proven commodity.

Founded in 2018, Kennected is a software as a service (SaaS) company that develops and offers tools for lead generation, automation, and education to help simplify the marketing activities of business owners and entrepreneurs. One example is their Lead Flow Mastery education platform that teaches LinkedIn mastery to entrepreneurs and business owners, such as personal branding, building relationships, copywriting, and how to apply their innovative marketing software. They have also developed a way to automate the prospecting and outreach activities through LinkedIn automation. And they are offering assistance to various companies of different sizes to generate leads that will ultimately be converted into their customers with the end result of boosting their revenue.

People who are interested in learning more about the LinkedIn enterprise sales tool and Kennected's agency whitelabel program can visit the Kennected website, or contact them on the telephone.


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