TheWatch Updates WatchData and WatchBlock to Support the Merge

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Tel Aviv, Israel, Aug. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TheWatch, a technology company making blockchain seamlessly accessible to developers, has announced that its products WatchData and WatchBlock have been updated to support the Merge and will continue providings their serviced without interruptions.

The Merge is an upgrade of the Ethereum network that is expected to take place in September 2022. The change will turn Ethereum from a Proof-of-Work into a Proof-of-Stake network, making it more robust, faster and cheaper. The exact timing of The Merge is contingent on timelines from the Ethereum Foundation.

TheWatch have performed a technical review and implemented the necessary updates to ensure that both WatchData, an API service for web3, and WatchBlock, a blockchain transactions monitoring platform, are prepared for the updated Ethereum and will operate as usual after the change, providing their customers with real-time data and insights. 

Most of the preparatory work was done by Ethereum foundation developers who made a detailed checklist for developers to simplify the updating procedure. In a nutshell, TheWatch team did the following:

  • Run a Beacon Chain nodes
  • Changed launch parameters
  • Updated and testd the nodes 
  • Configured node management to ensure all data is consistent

“The Merge significantly changes how certain parts of the Ethereum network work”, says Svyatoslav Dorofeev, CEO of TheWatch. “Every member of the ecosystem, whether you’re a miner, a DeFi protocol or a node provider, has to prepare in advance if you want to provide uninterrupted service”.

After the Merge, an Ethereum full node will have both a consensus layer (CL) client and an execution layer (EL) client. The EL executes transactions, and the CL maintains the user-state. These communicate over an authenticated port using a new set of JSON RPC methods called the Engine API. The EL and CL authenticate each other using a JWT secret that node operators should refer to their clients' documentation for instructions about how to generate and configure. The Beacon and JSON RPC APIs will be maintained by each layer individually, allowing developers to make use of both.

WatchData provides web3 developers with a single API to seamlessly access blockchains: its suite of tools and superior infrastructure enables developers to build apps and services with ease. WatchData turns transaction blocks into accessible datasets ready for thorough analysis and research. Over 460 companies are using WatchData, and this number is growing every month.WatchData supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon Binance Smart Chain, and Tron where users have access to historical data and data from the node directly. Customers use WatchData for analytics, portfolio tracking, wallet, and payment services as well as for building DeFi products and dApps for their needs: the web3 community included WatchData in related roadmaps such as DeFi Developer Road Mapweb3-tools, and others. 

WatchBlock is a SaaS tool that offers a simple, convenient and intuitive dashboard, provides insights into transaction data, purchase history, and risk management to Virtual Asset Service Providers. All client transaction monitoring and related operations are handled by WatchData solutions, which ensures higher speed and guarantees security.

About WatchData

WatchData is a platform that helps web3 developers seamlessly interact with the blockchain. It provides a suite of developer tools, enhanced APIs, and superior infrastructure to drastically simplify building blockchain apps. WatchData turns raw transaction blocks into accessible datasets ready for thorough analysis and research. Companies use WatchData for analytics, portfolio tracking, wallet, and payment services as well as for building DeFi products and dApps for their needs. For more information please visit 

About TheWatch

TheWatch combines products providing services for payments in the blockchain and their analytics. The company has its own product portfolio of services that includes WatchData, a flagship infrastructure product, and WatchBlock, transaction monitoring for virtual assets service providers. TheWatch operates as a part of a group of companies that also includes Calypso Pay, an all-in-one crypto processing platform that allows receiving payments from the clients fast in a secure way and paying the partners or workers almost instantly. For more information please visit  


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