Learn CBD Oil In 5 Minutes: CBD Tinctures Launched By Exhalewell.com

GLENDALE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exhale Wellness, the #1 hemp brand in the world, is ready to launch its new range of products that will add value to your physical, spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

Exhale wellness was founded by a team of highly experienced health experts who are Cannabinoid enthusiasts. "Nature holds the key to Wellness' is the philosophy followed by the company. The experts and the founder believe in the power of nature. The power of naturally occurring foods and superfoods can change the whole fitness regime of an individual. CBD oil/CBD tinctures are the newly launched products of the company. 

Team Exhale Wellness believes in the supremacy of natural products over traditional medicine. The naturally occurring Cannabinoids can be used to restore the body’s overall well-being. The hemp plant is the natural source of Cannabinoids and is a natural gift. 

Cannabinoids are known to increase the body's stability, performance, and comfort. As the products are naturally sourced from the hemp plant, they are purely organic, Non-GMO, and cruelty-free. No preservatives or animal by-products are used in the manufacturing of the product. 

They are one-of-a-kind products and are uniquely designed for a larger audience. The natural ingredients for every product are sourced from some of the best hemp farms in Colorado. In addition, the products are trustworthy and undergo proper testing at third-party labs. She added that we ensure that we match our client's expectations without compromising on the quality and quantity of the products.

Here’s a look at the newly launched products by Exhale wellness in the range of CBD products and the best CBD oil on the market. 


It is a unique oil infused with the goodness of Cannabinoids. The product is a full spectrum CBD. A full spectrum CBD oil is packed with the goodness of Cannabinoids and other beneficial cannabinoids found in the organic hemp plant. In addition, 0.3% THC is added for the Entourage effect. This is the legal limit of THC allowed by the Government. 

The oil is purely organic and cruelty-free. It is free of preservatives and is made from the choicest hemp plants obtained directly from the farmers of Colorado. 

The oil comes for $35.95-$66.95 based on the sizes available. A safe and clean CO2 extraction is done during the oil-making process. A glass dropper bottle is used for packaging; the available sizes are 600 mg and 1200 mg. The therapeutic terpenes help rejuvenate the body with a proper diet routine. In addition, the hemp seed oil obtained from the hemp plant increases bioavailability. 

It is a unique product launched in the range of Cannabinoids. It is freshly made from the hemp plant sourced from Colorado. It is cruelty-free and is a hundred percent vegan, Non-GMO, and preservatives-free. Combined with the goodness of cannabidiol and hemp seeds, this prize-winning product is going to leave you spellbound. It is made up of Full spectrum Cannabinoids enriched with the goodness of other active organic cannabinoids. 

About Exhale Wellness: Why Is It #1 Hemp Brand

Exhale wellness is a holistic company based in Los Angeles, California. Cannabinoids enthusiasts found the company with an experience of over a decade in the organic food industry.' Nature holds the key to the Wellness' is the company's motto. The team has a rich diversity of researchers,  cultivators, and enthusiasts who believe in the high potency of the Hemp plant. Through partnerships with some of the best hemp growing farms in Colorado, the team successfully found the lost organic plant source of Cannabis products. 

The company aims at careful research and development of every product and has produced a plethora of product ranges. All the products are thoroughly checked and lab tested by reputed medical labs. The permitted dosage of cannabinoids is maintained in the products. 

The Delta 8 product range of the company is highly applauded and has set a new record in the CBD industry. 

The rage reviews on the site by the customers vouch for the credibility and benefits of the products. The company has also been featured on reputed platforms like Forbes, Los Angeles Times,  LA Weekly, Observer, and Ministry of Hemp. 

The company is the perfect choice for people looking to start their Cannabinoid journey as the quality and quantity of each product are maintained. There's no compromise with the product sourcing as well as its quality. 

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