Whether It’s A Great Resignation, Great Renegotiation, or Great Return, Growth-Minded Professionals Seek How to Make Greater Impact on People, Environment Around Them

Wilmington, DE, Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whether we’re in a Great Resignation, Great Renegotiation, or Great Return, growth-minded leaders continue to seek how to make a greater impact on the people and environment around them. Amy Clark, executive coach, human resources leader, and founding CEO of Growth Minded Leadership Group, is an advocate for leaders and knows the programs and habits that empower them to do so.


Insights and examples of how growth-minded leaders achieve transformational moments for themselves, their teams, and their organizations in the post-pandemic environment, and in doing so, mitigate the negative effects of the Great Resignation and are better equipped to navigate the changes to the workplace post-pandemic.

Growth-minded leaders are intent on deriving meaning from their work, living their purpose, and making an impact on something greater than themself. They seek out ways to be even better – even during times of crisis – imagine what is possible, and believe there is more to learn.


Amy Clark, executive coach, human resources leader, founding CEO of Growth Minded Leadership Group and author of the upcoming book, Growth Point: Discover Your Playlist for What You Can Do Today to Be Even Better Tomorrow.

She believes that in this pivotal time, with continued pandemic, social, and economic pressures driving people to renew their focus on purpose and what fulfillment at work means for them, employers and leaders around the globe must do the same: they must develop and communicate a compelling value prop, and re-assess what leadership styles and work environments will drive the best outcomes.


Korn Ferry says 40% of employees are actively looking for another job, and MIT Sloan’s Management Review reports toxic corporate culture is the No. 1 predictor of attrition.

According to McKinsey, when leaders infrequently support and consult their teams, employees feel anxious and apathetic, but those that invest in leadership development see consultative, supportive, and challenging leadership – all factors that contribute to psychological safety and team members’ desire to remain.

In another study, McKinsey found that 70% say they define their purpose through work, meaning their jobs contribute to what they believe their purpose is. Employees who live their purpose at work are 6x more likely to want to stay at the company and 1.5x more likely to go above and beyond to make the company successful.


Amy Clark is available to discuss the pathway to leadership growth, including the tools, exercises, and process which help growth-minded leaders be more intentional in their decisions, see new possibilities, break through barriers, and lift themselves and others to greatness.


 About Growth Minded Leadership Group

Growth Minded Leadership Group is a consultancy offering highly targeted leadership development for growth-minded professionals to achieve transformational moments. With business-aligned coaching and leadership development programs for individuals, teams, and organizations, Growth Minded Leadership Group applies a variety of tools and exercises from Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching Model, to The Five Behaviors, Prosci Change Practices, DiSC models, and more to customize coaching for clients seeking to understand what they can do today to be better leaders tomorrow. Founder and CEO Amy Clark brings a special point of view to leadership coaching through her soon-to-be-published book. For more information, go to www.growthmindedleadership.com.


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