Above Phone and Presearch partner on secure private phone

Above Phone will now ship with Presearch as default web browser and search engine.

Midland, Ontario,

Midland, Ontario, Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Presearch is announcing that they will be the default search engine and default browser on Above Phone. Presearch is a decentralized, private search engine and thus makes for an excelent partner for Above Phone. In an age ofincreased concern about surveillance, big tech tracking and security for crypto assets, Above Phone provides users with a private, secure phone that leverages the best in open source, privacy-focused software to create a full of apps to replace big tech. Through a new collaboration with Presearch, the community-driven, decentralized search engine that respects user privacy, the Above Phone is now even more secure and private.

This partnership makes the Presearch search engine and secure web browser app the default search and browsing experience for Above Phone users, guaranteeing a completely secure and private internet experience right out of the box.

The Above Phone is not just an alternative to big tech phones - it’s a platform for ensuring privacy on the go that runs on a custom version of the Android operating system. The Above Phone defaults to fully-encrypted phone calls, video chats, and text messaging.

By setting Presearch as the default web browser and search engine, the Above Phone prevents anyone from being tracked or profiled and also ensures that your IP address or GPS location cannot be captured by the surveillance state, all while providing world-class search results. Search queries are not stored and users can remain totally anonymous.

Big tech companies have made billions selling consumer data to third parties, sometimes illegally. With the Above Phone powered by Presearch, theft of consumer data is blocked by default. Users are now empowered to control their data.

The Above Privacy Phone powered by Presearch is a powerful tool in the “Degoogled” arsenal.

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