Receive a Tailored Approach Towards Home Loan Choices in Australia With Brighter Finance

Annandale, Aug. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brighter Finance was founded by mortgage broker Marcus Roberts who wanted to not only help his clients find a home loan, but also to provide them with a reliable structure throughout their whole property ownership journey, so that they can grow their wealth, freedom, and security.

Before offering you any recommendations, Brighter Finance will always take the time to talk with you and try to target what matters to you the most, while Marcus’s extensive experience from working in lending at various banks will ensure that you are fully informed about any potential issues that may be present in your loan application and will endeavour to get you the best outcome possible.

Helping You Make Brighter Choices

The client tailored approach offered at Brighter Finance aims to help you gain confidence, understanding, build upon your current financial knowledge, and will educate you in any areas of loan application that may be unclear.

Brighter Finance also ensures that:

  • They aren’t owned directly or indirectly in any way by a bank
  • They work with over 30 lenders, so that you have a range of choices to find the right fit
  • No single bank or lender is recommended in a disproportionate amount
  • They will make sure that you understand why any recommendation is made and why it would work for you

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, upgrade, refinance, or invest, Brighter Finance will assist you in finding the best rate available, while also providing solutions that fits your needs perfectly and can help you:

  • Save thousands in interest
  • Reduce your tax and keep more wealth in your hands
  • Shield you from future interest rate rises
  • Maximise your borrowing capacity for future purchase or investment
  • Start (or grow) your investment property portfolio

Additionally, Brighter Finance will not only help you find your ideal home loan deal, but will also ensure that you receive support throughout your property ownership journey by providing an ongoing and proactive service.

They ensure that your lending continues to remain optimal by:

  • Negotiating with lenders to get you a better deal than if you went to them directly
  • Structuring your lending for maximum flexibility and control
  • Responding to your ongoing requests promptly and efficiently
  • Regularly reviewing your portfolio and advising you of any upcoming opportunities
  • Providing relevant information and advice to guarantee the best possible outcome

Own Your Own Home Sooner

Brighter Finance have several services that are geared towards helping you acquire your first home and even offer a free service to help you compare and apply for the loan most suitable for your family – so you have a chance to assess your choices before making any final decisions.

If you’re looking to move to a bigger home, or to upgrade the property you are already living in, then Brighter Finance can assist you in getting the finance you need with a simple and straightforward process that has a proven rate of success.

They can even help you with acquiring the funds you need to start or grow your investment property portfolio by offering you investor-specific loan advice that ensures that your loans are set up and structured in the most efficient way for long-term property investment success.

Many homeowners are unknowingly paying for a high-interest and uncompetitive loan, but Brighter Finance also provides a refinancing service that will help you to get a better home loan deal and boost your savings.

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