Four Day Virtual Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Management Master Class (September 13-16, 2022)

Dublin, Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Management Master Class" training has been added to's offering.

This course provides an in-depth analysis of EPC contracts, their interface with other project documents and their role in the project life-cycle. It discusses key risk allocation issues, the structuring of the contract in a project financing context and examines a contract precedent clause-by-clause. Course participants will be introduced to the key terms and negotiation issues in EPC arrangements, the role and incorporation of technical details, and the impact of project specifications in EPC arrangements.

This course will:

  • Give you a comprehensive tool kit of what EPC contracts look like, what are the major terms and perspectives of owners, contractors and lenders
  • Guide you to be familiar with what the major areas of dispute may be during the construction phase and how to manage them
  • Cover the key commercial and technical issues in the construction market today

What You Will Gain From this Master Class

  • Learning, in detail, the issues to be addressed when negotiating EPC contracts
  • Developing an awareness of the procurement options for projects and the associated risks and opportunities
  • Considering alternative pricing, incentivisation and risk allocation approaches and learning about current market trends
  • Developing an understanding of the current EPC market and the legal risks associated with such forms of contracting
  • Learning what the major areas of dispute may be in construction projects and how to manage them
  • Developing an understanding of the key specificities of construction projects

Course Format

This course will be held in a highly interactive format with case studies, real-world examples, exercises, discussions and workshops. Limited class size is enforced to enhance individual learning experience.

Pre-Course Questionnaire

A pre-course questionnaire will be sent to you upon your registration which will allow you to raise your specific areas of interest. James will review and analyze these in advance and address them during the workshops, seeking to fully satisfy your learning needs.

Certificate of Attendance

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the signatures from both the Trainer and the Organizer. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.

Who Should Attend:

This course has been designed specifically for the professionals, management and legal officers of entities in the energy, mining and construction industries, and anybody who has a current or planned infrastructure project or an interest in the same (such as financial institutions or project sponsors), including:

  • Executive Directors, Commercial Directors
  • General Counsel and legal department
  • Heads of department: Contract management and administration; Project finance; Procurement; Operations and facilities management
  • Government agencies

Key Topics Covered:

EPC & EPCM Bankability, Contract Admin, FIDIC

Session 1: Tips on Contractual Risk Allocation, Bankability and EPC Contracts

Part 1 - Project Delivery Models: risk factors and the structure and specificities of all the major project delivery models used in construction projects
Part 2 - FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Engineering Procurement and Construction / Turnkey Projects: This session will discuss the structure and key clauses of, and risk allocation under one the most commonly used turnkey model form contracts in international projects, the FIDIC Silver Book

Session 2: Bankability Issues and Project Structuring

Part 1 - Bankability Issues and Project Structuring: the current market on contractual risk allocation and bankability
Part 2 - Export Credit Agencies and their role in construction projects
Part 3 - Interplay between Construction Contracts and Finance and Security Documents in Project Financing: a detailed analysis of the relationship between the contractual framework of construction contracts and the financing of construction projects

Session 3: Discussion on Split EPC Contracts, EPCM Contracts and Multi Prime

Part 1 - EPCM Contracting: structure, key features and specificities
Part 2 - Case study on EPCM Model

Session 4: Administering EPC Contracts

Construction Contract Administration: documents, actors and legal considerations involved in construction projects and with a particular focus on variations to the scope of work

Session 5: Letter Writing Workshop

Participants will study on various types of claim letters, write responses and learn best strategies for responding to claims.

Dispute Resolution, Clause Drafting, Claims, Local Law

Session 1: Dispute Resolution Options in International Projects

Part 1 - Key Areas of Disputes and Dispute Resolution Options: they key areas for dispute in construction projects, including defective work, cost and time overruns, liquidated damages and calls on performance bonds. It will also look at the characteristics of the all the main dispute resolution forums
Part 2 - Multi-Party Arbitration Agreements and Split Contracts: the mechanisms, characteristics and specificities

Session 2: Managing Claims

Managing Claims in International Projects: the key considerations to take into account when claims arise in construction projects such as evidentiary issues, enforcement, securities and cross-cultural challenges

Session 3: Local Law Issues in Emerging Markets

Cultural and Political Issues in Emerging Markets: key considerations relevant to construction projects in emerging markets

Session 4: Practical Exercise: Dispute Resolution Clause Drafting Exercise

Participants will work in groups to draft enforceable dispute resolution clauses for a variety of project types and scenarios.

English Law COncepts, Review of EPC All Key Issues

Session 1: English Law Concepts in the Civil Law Countries

Part 1 - English law concepts: pivotal English law concepts and their application in civil law countries
Part 2 - Key Commercial Terms in EPC Contracts and Bankability Issues: what makes an EPC contract 'bankable' and other lenders' key concerns in construction projects

Session 2: Clause by Clause Discussion of Contract Precedent

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