Wrongfully Accused Robert Garon Enters Not Guilty Plea in Tragic Death of Adored Puppy, according to Law Offices of Donald P. Day

Naples, Fla. , Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Robert Garon has entered a plea of not guilty on one count of animal cruelty in Naples’ Collier Circuit Court this morning, according to his counsel Donald P. Day. Garon has been falsely accused in the death of a puppy that he and his girlfriend adopted together less than three months ago, according to counsel.

“Not only is Robert mourning the loss of his very loved puppy but the real abusers are still out there. And in the meantime, we are destroying an innocent man’s life,” said Garon’s counsel Donald P. Day. “Unfortunately, police failed to interview key witnesses in this case.”

“I still can’t believe Buzz Lightyear is gone. And that someone would abuse a defenseless animal,” said Robert Garon. “This has been a personal nightmare and I look forward to the facts coming out and for someone to be held accountable for this horrendous crime. I have lost everything.”

Not guilty plea follows Garon passing independently administered polygraph exam

The not guilty plea comes at the heels of Garon passing an independent polygraph test, as well as a three-hour forensic interview. The polygraph test and interview were administered by John Hisler, a veteran independent polygraph examiner with 30 years of experience in law enforcement. Hisler has conducted thousands of polygraph exams during his career for the State Attorney’s office, multiple law enforcement agencies, and private investigative entities.

“I am confident that Robert Garon had absolutely nothing to do with the death of his dog Buzz. Robert was subjected to a three-hour forensic interview and a polygraph exam and cleared both with no deception,” said polygraph examiner John Hisler.

According to his counsel, Garon’s family has suffered immensely due to the loss of Buzz, including these false and cruel allegations, loss of employment, and threats of severe violence to themselves and their extended families.

“There are two tragedies here ­– the death of an adored puppy and that the actual abusers were able to cover up a deadly and horrific crime,” said Garon’s counsel Donald P. Day.

Per information provided by his counsel, on the night of the incident, Robert left Buzz at home for just two hours, and when Robert returned, his puppy was not well. He rushed him to the emergency vet, but it was too late to save him.

“Robert is an honest and reputable young man with no history of violent criminal behavior against any individual or animal, nor does he have any criminal record. Entering a not guilty plea is our first step in clearing him of this horrendous charge so that Robert and his family will eventually be able to grieve privately during this extremely difficult time,” said Day.

Robert and his family are lifelong animal owners who have always treated their animals with an abundance of love, attention, and care, proven by years of documented veterinary visits, according to Garon’s attorney.

Additional photos of Robert Garon and his puppy Buzz who he lost to this terrible crime can be found here.


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