Kyrio ARC Hotspot increases network reliability for homes and businesses

An expansion of Kyrio’s Adaptive Route Control (ARC) product line, this cost-effective solution automatically improves the continuous availability of network connectivity

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kyrio, a software and testing company providing solutions for the global broadband industry, today announced the launch of ARC Hotspot, a software solution that automatically activates a paired smartphone hotspot to increase the reliability of broadband services for homes and businesses. 

“Broadband technology has proven to be essential for connecting people by revolutionizing how services are provided, how information is delivered, how we entertain ourselves and how business is conducted,” said Sergio Rodriguez, senior manager for connectivity product development at Liberty Latin America. “As the past few years have shown, network reliability is critical to everyday life in our increasingly digital world. Whether at home, at school or at work, we need to be able to count on reliable broadband connection. At Liberty Latin America, we understand the importance of reliable and trustworthy connectivity, which is at the heart of our customer promise.” 

ARC Hotspot detects network outages and activates a cellular hotspot on a paired smartphone on the premise, automatically shifting traffic to the cellular hotspot until the wired network connection is again operable. By leveraging existing smartphones as backup connections, the cost-effective software solution requires no additional hardware for an extra mobile radio connected to the network. The Wi-Fi devices in the home or business do not need to be reconfigured because they remain connected to the Wi-Fi access point in that home or business, and the access point simply relays traffic to the cellular hotspot over Wi-Fi.

“Many people are already paying for two internet connections: a wired home broadband service plus a mobile broadband service for their smartphone. Wouldn’t it be great if the mobile service could back up the wired service in the event of an outage — and did so automatically with no manual effort? That’s exactly what ARC Hotspot does,” said Ike Elliott, president and CEO of Kyrio. “Kyrio has created a unique and advantaged solution that costs less and creates a great reliability improvement that lets users take full advantage of their existing broadband services while improving loyalty, lowering churn and enabling operators to realize potentially higher revenue.”

ARC Hotspot initially supports failover, but as the product evolves, it will support aggregation, smart queuing and other routing mechanisms. The ARC Hotspot agent can be added to an original equipment manufacturer’s legacy and new devices and enabled through a simple firmware update. Integrating the ARC Hotspot mobile app’s software development kit within the network operator’s customer care app can deliver a streamlined customer experience.

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