Technology Company Akido Labs Launches New Medical Network Focused on Preventive Care for Chronic Disease

Akido is Leading a Strategic Shift in Healthcare, Pairing Comprehensive Patient Care with its Powerful Platform Built to Predict Health and Social Outcomes

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Akido Labs, Inc., today announced the launch of its medical network through a partnership with Chaparral Medical Group; this launch marks a new phase in the company’s growth strategy as it works to redefine the healthcare experience from the ground up. Akido’s medical network is powered by its Care Delivery Platform – human-centered technology designed to create a frictionless experience for patients and care providers. The predictive capabilities of its Care Delivery Platform will enable Akido to develop scalable prevention-focused programs informed by social determinants of health (SDoH).

Research has shown a strong correlation between the socio-economic factors that drive a person into vulnerability and the development of chronic illness – also known as social determinants of health (SDoH). By unlocking the ability to identify opportunities for early intervention and create SDoH-based preventive care programs, Akido believes it can systematically attack inequities, lower healthcare costs and ultimately improve outcomes on a patient and population level.

“The U.S. healthcare system spends trillions of dollars each year on ‘downstream’ care with a huge focus of that spend on chronic disease management. In order to provide the absolute best care for all patients, it’s imperative that we expand the system’s focus to also include ‘upstream’ preventive care designed for early intervention,” said Prashant Samant, co-founder and CEO of Akido Labs. “Historically, it’s been challenging to accurately identify these ‘upstream’ opportunities for early intervention based on a patient’s socio-economic factors. Our predictive technology unlocks these capabilities, allowing for the creation of targeted, impactful preventive care programs that ultimately allow everyone to live their fullest lives.”

Founded in 2015, Akido was created out of the University of Southern California’s D-Health Lab and received early investment from Y Combinator. The company was established on the idea that empowering government, healthcare, and nonprofit services with technology could help usher in a new era of preventive public health. Akido’s Care Delivery Platform has powered programs for numerous organizations, including the Los Angeles Department of Health Services, the City of Long Beach, the City of Santa Monica, the Moffitt Cancer Center, the American Foundation for the Blind, and The Food & Drug Administration (FDA), among others. The Care Delivery Platform’s ability to identify and gather multidimensional data has enabled Akido to predict key events on peoples’ journeys into both chronic illness and vulnerability and will drive the development of SDoH-based early intervention models to address them. With the launch of Akido’s medical network, the company can rapidly introduce its Care Delivery Platform to new markets across the country, disrupting the traditional healthcare model as it scales its network.

“Our new medical network harnesses the best of medicine and technology to care for patients, including those suffering from chronic illness who are visiting their specialty doctors on a far more regular basis. Our ability to predict social and health outcomes also provides us the means to intervene earlier in a patient’s life journey, ultimately leading them down a healthier path,” said Sanjit Mahanti, co-founder and Head of Business Development at Akido. “Our Care Delivery Platform also creates unique opportunities to better the working lives of our doctors and care teams, severely reducing the heavy administrative burden and freeing them up to spend more time caring for patients and saving lives.”

For more than 40 years, Chaparral Medical Group has been regarded as a leading multi-specialty medical group in California’s Pomona Valley. With this new partnership, Chaparral Medical Group’s founder, Dr. Prasad Jeereddi, MD, will continue to operate the group’s day-to-day medical functions while taking on an expanded role as Akido’s Chief Medical Officer, working closely with Mahanti to identify real-life opportunities for innovation in the medical practice. Together, Dr. Jeereddi and Mr. Mahanti have more than 50 years of unparalleled operational knowledge of the multi-specialty care sector. The pair will be a powerful asset as Akido looks to expand its medical services into new markets nationwide, while identifying opportunities for technology to further the company’s focus on building a frictionless experience for care teams and patients.

“I’ve always believed patient care is as much art as it is science, and the consideration taken to create a symbiotic relationship between the artful practice of medicine and Akido’s powerful technology will greatly serve our patients, doctors, care teams and communities,” said Dr. Jeereddi.

Added Samant, “I am excited for this next phase of Akido’s growth strategy as we become the country’s leading tech-enabled healthcare provider focused on managing and preventing chronic disease. Launching our medical network is a critical step in our mission to address inequities in society through the lens of a community’s health. By unlocking opportunities ‘upstream’ through world-class prevention programs designed to proactively care for our patients, we believe we can transform the healthcare experience and allow our patients to live longer, fuller lives.”

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About Akido Labs:
Akido is rebuilding the healthcare experience from the ground up, focusing on addressing the systemic inequities that lead to chronic illness and vulnerability. Through early interventions designed around social determinants of health (SDoH), world-class care and human-centered technology, Akido believes it can build a healthcare model that allows for all patients to live their fullest lives. Founded in 2015, Akido was created out of the University of Southern California’s D-Health Lab with the idea that empowering government, healthcare, and nonprofit services with population-based data could help usher in a new era of preventive public health. Today, Akido is building a full stack medical network that leverages its predictive capabilities to provide a frictionless experience for patients and care providers. Akido’s proprietary Care Delivery Platform – one of the country’s most powerful platforms for predicting health and social outcomes – enables the company to identify key markers on a patient’s journey into chronic illness and build preventive programs to address them. Akido’s medical network currently covers more than 250,000 patients. For more information, visit

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